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    My new UI - Feedback or Suggestions?

    As a Resto Shaman... I have KgPanels setup, have the chat and sexymap w/ Shamanism addon on the left... have my spells/such in the middle. My frame in the middle top box, my target on the left, and my target's target on right. Totems show up via xperl under my name in the middle... Omen and Recount on the right side. Its much more clean now than it used to be. I am still uncertain if I am going to use Grid or Xperl frames for my raid frames, most likely Xperl but who knows. They will be over on the left side bottom above chat.

    Mods Include:
    Prat 3.0
    TitanPanel (for top)

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    i would clean up your actionbars full of 10 some odd totems and just get the addon that has 4 buttons with dropdown menus with mouseover. i think its totemtimers...will simplify things a bit better.

    you should take a screen of you during a boss fight casting with cooldowns going and dbm and stuff...better representation of your UI

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    Far too much space covered by those panels at the bottom.
    Could be better achieved with a viewport, so at least the world view is adjusted around that.
    Lot of unecessary buttons visible at the bottom of the screen, where they could easily be placed elsewhere, and visible only on mouseover such as the MicroMenu, Bag Bar (or at least toggled as a single bag).
    Many of the keybound abilities could be treated the same, since really do you need to see the buttons for your mounts, and why the hell do you have an action bar button for your hearthstone. Simply open your bag to use it.
    Really no need for omen to be visible outside of combat, could easily be toggled as such in same place as recount with that hiding when in combat. Freeing up that space would allow a raid frame to sit there instead.
    Otherwise if you do not need the detail that recount offers in terms of the graphs, or what ability does what damage then Skada will handed that just fine, and offers both in a single addon.
    Duplication of information such as location on top of your minimap, while the same is displayed on the TitanPanel at the top.
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    You have like, 1million actionbars.

    But I do -love- the background art on the ui. hate titanpannel, the map is also sexy.

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    Where are your raid frames? You are a healer so surely you would want those?

    Agree with person above, the panel on the bottom is chunky and does nothing for your performance other than restrict your view. Imagine Festergut Heroic, you want to be able to see the green ooze by your feet b4 the ooze ball hits you.. That panel might hinder your sight of it.

    Totem Timers: great addon for totem management. Highly reccomend it.
    Coolline: great cooldown management.
    Your titan bar at the top is just a lazy way of reading data you can otherwise see by using the icons featured in your menu bar. It looks ugly imo.

    Another addon I recomend is Power Auras Classic.

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    You could hide those keybinded buttons, get a addon to show their cooldown.
    You can also put Astral Recall and Heartstone to same button with macro like this:
    /castsequence reset=900 Astral Recall, Hearthstone

    Also those resistance totems are kinda useless to put on action bars, you dont need them so often.
    (I suggest to start using that totem bar which was introduced a while ago)
    Those panels take too much space, that minimap looks horrible.
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