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    Bio: Trillium Starwind

    Name: Trillium Starwind
    Age: 12078 years
    Race: Night Elf
    Gender: Male
    Class: Druid / Warrior (Blademaster)
    Personality: "Chaotic Good" / "Chaotic Neutral" (50:50). Also quite arrogant, careless daredevil with a good sense of humor. Loyal to allies. Very unstable in regard to enemies - can forgive a sworn enemy or ruthlessly slaughter a minor foe. Likes to boast about his achievenents and taunt his enemies. Also quite greedy and pragmatic. Rather weird code of honor.
    Likes/Dislikes: Hates technology and progress, hence rarely befriends humans or dwarves and isn't fond of gnomes and goblins. Ambivalent towards Holy Light, finding it unnatural. Admires Orcs and Tauren for their honed warrior skills, strong sense of honor and shamanistic beliefs. Can't stand warmongering, hence stays away from King Vrynn and Warchief Hellscream.
    Appearance: 2.3 meters tall, silver-white hair, glowing silver eyes, skin of amethyst-lavender color. short beards, moustache. Wears druidic vestments of painted leather, decorated with stag antlers and storm-crow feathers. Also wears a long and slendertwo-handed sword, inscribed with druidic sigils.
    Strengths: Strong druidic potential - can assume shapes of Storm Crow, Owlbear, Bear and Stag; strong ties to lunar and solar powers. Decent (for an elf) skills with two-handed sword and dual-wield. Can call upon wild beasts (in hour of dire need though)
    Weaknesses: Arrogance, carelessness, insufficient (for a Druid) bond with forests and plants.
    Weapons: Moonlight - slender two-handed sword, light enough to be wielded in one hand though. The blade is slightly curved and has two edges. Prayers to Elune and druidic chants (mostly refering to Moon and stras) are gilded upon the blade in ancient runes. At druid's will, the blade is capable of unleashing a destructive wave of moonfire. Also, it strengthens wielders bond with Elune. Undead (even Forsaken, free Death Knights and undead paladins), demons, felsworn (including fel & chaos orcs; to some extent regular green orcs too (not mag'har though), all kinds of necromancers and warlocks, as well as minions of Old Gods (naga, faceless ones, cultists, etc.) cannot hold the sword (it burns them and struggles to escape their hands) and find it harder to defend against it.
    History: Was born in Eldarath, a couple thousands of years before the Sundering. Was trained as a warrior and achieved pretty good results, yet mostly vasted time adventuring with a band of fellow kaldorei. Had fought trolls and aqir, wandered Kalimdor wide and far. When War of the Ancient erupted, the band of adventurers returned and took the side of Resistance. The adventurers made their stand in a narrow valley, protecting a small village from demonic onslaught. Aided by local priestess of the moon, the adventurers hold the tide for two days, but were slaughtered. Trillium was last to survive and was saved only by Elune's own intervention - the Goddess shielded the warrior from harm for long enough for reinforcements to arrive and drive demons away from the village.

    After the Sundering Trillium, overcome with grief about his slain friends vowed not to ever raise a sword again and choose a peaceful path of druidism. He wandered into the wilds and stayed in a forsaken temple of Elune, choosing it as his place of hybernation. When Burning Legion returned in the Third War and demons assaulted the ruined temple, Trillium forsook the vow and unsheathed his sword. This would've been druid warrior's end, if not for Sentinel outride, who were stalking that band of demons and helped him slay them. Trillium rejoined with other druids and joined forces with them to banish the Legion from Ashenvale. After the battle of Mount Hyjal Trillium wandered off, to re-explore the world he had once wandered with his fellow adventurers.

    In the past several years, Trillium has worked as mercenery for both Horde and Alliance, joining any campaign against the demons he could. When the Dark Portal was opened, Trillium paticipated in the great battle on the stairs of the Portal, but did not risk entering the gate, for he feared that Elune's aid would diminish in a different world. Instead, he choose to travel north, into the frigid land of Northrend, gathering intelligence about the continent on Cenraion Circle;s behalf, who wanted to know, if the land could be healed from Scourge's taint. When war against Arthas began and tensions between the Horde and the Alliance reignited, Trillium joined his kin and the Alliance, sharing the gathered intelligence. He then set off for Storm Peaks, to investigate the Old God's presence there. Avoiding the mechanized Ulduar, he investigated rifts and cracks, leading to Northrend's depths, as well as various saronite mines and deposits. Barely escaping with his life and sanity, Trillium was captured by Horde's outride and almost killed. The Druid managed to escape, but sense of humilation of having been captured and beaten by trolls, which he had been slaughtering long before the Sundering, combined with Yogg-Saron's corruptive influence, ignited a fury towards the Horde in Druid's heart. He returned to Kalimdor, only to find Ashenvale being slowly destroyed by the Warsong clan. This last drop turned Trillium into a fierce enemy of the Horde.
    Despite that, he befriended Taunka and learned a bit of their relationship with nature.
    He witnessed the tragic battle of the Wrathgate (due to wounds from his Ulduar mission he couldn't partisipate in it) and fervently joined the assault on Undercity.
    His last mission led him to the highlands surrounding the mighty fortress of Grim Batol, where dark things began to stir...

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    Well first, 6 feet, or 2 meters as you say, is very short for a night elf. They are, on average, 7 feet tall.

    Second, the part where he fights demons.. I feel that it's a touch too overpowered. I'd suggest either editing it to downplay his aspect in it, perhaps by stating there was a lot of luck (as well, perhaps downplay Elune's aspect in it.), or changing the situation entirely to where he and his friends were in the resistance, where they and their battilion were distinguished for helping to turn the tide of several battles. I feel that such would be less overpowered, but still makes your character stand out from the rest of the soldiery.

    Another thing is that no night elf druid could refuse to hybernate. It was part of their pact with Ysera, Nozdormu, and Alextrasza, to regain their immortality.

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    He could be the Steve Nash of nelfs!
    You could also include some of his recent history as well, but I defiantly think that you could add more about his role in the war of the ancients.

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    ok, thanks for feedback, will change the story a bit then.

    EDIT: updated story
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    Someone needs to come to my Pathfinder RPG sessions

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