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    And you said in my thread pplz was raging coz of this type of threads.. to me it seems like you are raging, coz they got a first kill and you did not.
    I'm raging because this thread takes up "valuable" forum space. I know I wont even down Halion because I'm too busy leveling alts all the time anyway.
    Protip: His wasn't a first kill either, and it's still 10-man normal.

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    I bet 1000 $ That this was below world 200 kill. World first was obviously done on the PTR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garots View Post
    Oh cool, you killed filler content.
    I love your T6 that's gemmed with amazingly crappy gems. IE; SP/Stam for a 2SP bonus? lolbad. On top of crit gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shagrarz View Post
    this game is hard right?
    Apparently it is for you.

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    Heh, 6200gs, and you didn't go into HM right off the bat? My guild on average has a 5700gs, and we downed it as a server first 10-man (we're a 10-man guild), and we regretted not doing it on HM.

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    Wow guys relax, I didn't feel the lease bit offended.

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