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    AoC:Rise of the Godslayer?

    Anyone here check this out? I've heard rumors that this game has gotten a lot better and I'm wondering if it's worth it to check out.

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    Re: AoC:Rise of the Godslayer?

    Take a look at the game if you like. The game has gotten better since ship, so I imagine it could've learned a few tricks.

    But it will lack a large player base, which games like WoW have. This is because the game shipped broken and promised to patch it in later and no one wanted to wait for that.

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    Re: AoC:Rise of the Godslayer?

    Initial review from Eurogamer was quite bad but they've revoked it and will publish a new one later on. So hopefully the expansion isn't as rubbish as they first said.

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    does the game have anything to do with Conan?

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    The game is based off the Robert E. Howard books, so you do interact with Conan, just at a later lvl. You can play as a Cimmerian Barbarian like Conan, you just don't play him. lol. As for the game, Yes it has been fixed a lot. there are still a few bugs but those are usually delt with in a decent manner. I've been playing the game off and on since it's release. As Daginni stated the player base is not large, they downsized to 4 servers about a year ago. Manly due to the issues at launch and some of the (then) ongoing issues. A lot left because of this. My favorite part is the melee, you have to pay attention to how they are defending ect, and the fatalities just get better as you level. I would recommend it.
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    i was invited to retry the game with free 14 day trial few months ago.

    it was worse then it was at lunach. Age of Casters -.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinobi View Post
    does the game have anything to do with Conan?

    No, not even Andy Richter or Max Weinburg and the Max Weinburg 7.

    But really I was one of those who left the game early on. I wonder from time to time about the progress of the game, but it's low population, ties to WoW, and hope for TOR have kept me away.
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