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    Salty Balls
    <Taste Good In My Mouth>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorzon View Post
    Salty Balls
    <Taste Good In My Mouth>
    I hope it was female..

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    thunder of thunder bluff

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    Wow, actually, Macbeth the Kingslayer is VERY, VERY classy and clever. I fully approve. Kudos and cheers.

    I have a friend who is "Salty Likwid."

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    Private Dancer

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    Title : Private
    Name : Parts

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    My friends working on Salty, and his name is Urinesample. Makes me lol thinkin about it.
    "You little hoochees!" - Daos, Lord of Terror

    Quote Originally Posted by PraisetheSun View Post

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    Leeroy Jenkins (male human paladin/warrior is suggested)
    Twilight Vanquisher Edward (you have to be male human or a male undead for it to work)
    Salty Nuts/Nutz (best if your a male undead)
    Shadows of the Nightfall (suggested rogue or warlock or death knight)
    Salty Face (also best if male undead, or a male orc i guess, make sure u make him look pissed)
    Warcheif of the Horde (best if male orc shaman/warrior)
    King of the Alliance (best if male human warrior)
    Warcheif of Orgrimmar (best if male orc shaman/warrior)
    Cheiftain of Thunder Bluff (best if male tauren shaman/warrior)
    Queen of the Undercity (best if female undead)
    Lord of Silvermoon (best if male belf)
    God of Sen'jin (best if male troll hunter)
    King of Ironforge (best if male dwarf paladin/warrior)
    King of Stormwind (best if male human warrior)
    Hightinkerer of Gnomeregan (best if male gnome, and a gnomish engineer)
    Prophet of Exodar (best if male draeni priest)
    Queen of Darnassus (best if female nelf druid)
    Stone Guard Earthbrother (best if male orc shaman, and a miner)

    ok im running out of ideas here

    Defender of the Horde (best if male orc)
    Defender of the Alliance (best if male human)
    Salty Balls (get the turtle mount too)
    Flame of the Shattered Sun (best if belf paladin/mage)
    Lord of the Horde (it rhymes)

    ok yeah im out of ideas

    my dk has like 25 titles or something, i just cant remember any more of them =P

    idk, ill go look on wowhead and check back
    I'd tell you to get at me, but you smell like shit, so keep your distance, please.

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    Twilight Vanquisher Saga
    Doktor Jenkins
    Matron Edea
    Horniest of the Horde
    Cigarette the Undying (oxymoron, but she's my friend lol)

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    There was someone on Kargath with an arena title as a name, as a title and as a guild, it made for good laughs, something like; Duelist Duelist <Duelist>
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