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    I wonder what dropped...mmmm 284 loot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destram View Post
    Actually yeah they are, you fucking retard.
    73 realms are down right now and there are more than 200 realms. That's a third at best.

    Math is hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlimeyLimey View Post
    oh man, a US guild beat an EU guild? definitely worth the wait!
    And what a fair race it was......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Struggle View Post
    It isn't Premo's fault that Blizzard is fucking retarded...their realm was up, the raid was open and heroic mode was they killed it.

    I haven't seen anyone blame or complain about them directly. Most people are complaining about the servers not being up or complaining about the raids difficulty (that they themselves haven't killed yet).
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    I wanna know who got the loot and what dropped!

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    All EU servers are down still... Our servers are coming up in about 3 hours 30mins. I bet the boss will die within an hour

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    congrats on the kill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duulis View Post
    This boss is just a for advancing the story towards Cataclysm. It's not supposed to be hard.
    Great Idea Blizzard. Lets make a boss easy and only for advancing the story, but make him drop the highest level gear in the game. Even higher than H25LK, the hardest fight in the game. Brilliant

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    Judging by the guilds that have killed the 10m heroic version (only 4 so far), they're all top 300 in world rankings. Maybe there's still hope that this encounter will be moderately difficult (obviously not LK status of they killed it this fast, but maybe along the lines of Sindragosa heroic or something).

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    Xav got the tanking trinket.
    [Petrified Twilight Scale];jin&cn=Xav

    Kyridel got the Mail boots.
    [Returning Footfalls]

    Fec got the Mail belt.
    [Split Shape Belt];jin&cn=Fec
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    Gratz on the kill, kinda hard to even think of it as a meaningful world first with all the EU servers down though :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antik View Post
    Half the realms aren't down you fucking retard.
    half the US realms are down and all of the European realms are down to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by treston323 View Post
    Great Idea Blizzard. Lets make a boss easy and only for advancing the story, but make him drop the highest level gear in the game. Even higher than H25LK, the hardest fight in the game. Brilliant
    Actually he drops the same item level loot as LK. H25LK is 284. Heroic RS 25 is 284.

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    This post resonates precisely with the reasons I quit the game.

    Bitch fest angry fanboi community and content only sufficient to deck out retards in purples =)

    Have fun.

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    good for them... now they can go fuck them selves

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakkos View Post
    Yay for being first while half the realms are down...
    lol nice little 12 hour head-start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmozz View Post
    Wotlk is hard bro!!

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    Huge props, alot of haters here. My guild did a few pulls on heroic and this fight is equal difficulty as heroic LK, so it makes sense guilds that have cleared heroic LK should be able to down this quickly.

    If I'm not mistaken, didn't premonition get alot of practice in on this fight on the PTR?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morthas View Post

    But this only shows how hard the game has become ... :+
    I don't get the feeling this fight was meant to be particularity difficult... Also remember, they were most likely using full Heroic ICC gear for the kill, I doubt Blizzard balanced the fight around that factor...

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