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  1. #21 Congrats user, you earned this video

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    That song is awesome, do you know what the song is called?

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    Paragon got EU first kill but I can't link links yet 'cos I haven't posted enough comments

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    for the horde got EU #1

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    eh...Paragon's time at clock at top right is finnish time...22:44 finnish time (21:44 paris time) FTH got Halion 25 hc down after 78 minutes...paragon got in 44 mins if my sense of time is right...and all ppl from paragon are from Finland

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    For the Horde - Jun 30, 2010 20:18
    Paragon - Jun 30, 2010 20:45

    not that it realy matters since its a filler Boss and not even very hard its still second :P

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    This was suppose to be a trolling threat btw :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by emesto View Post
    Paragon just downed Halion 25H over 2 hours before the EU realms go up. Hard encounter is hard.
    Well, they were the first to down LK pre nerf too so..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xhosas View Post
    This was suppose to be a trolling threat btw :P
    There is always a constant threat from the trolls. That's why we got League of Arathor to pewpew them down.
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    And you're surprised...?

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    Paragon was perfect. Awesome.

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    grats on clearing filler content, lulz
    A part of MMO-Champion died the day Curse took over. Next thing they want us to pay for a premium account to read MMO-Champion and Wowpedia. I definitely see that happen one day.

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    Grats! Good job

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    Obvious that they would do it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathwish View Post
    well done

    Please don't bump something 2 months old/
    Must... resist... posting... huge... animated GIF...

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