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    Please help fast before my PC starts to fly!

    Okay so i wanted to monitor my CPU temperature so i downloaded a program called SpeedFan. the moment i started it my fans all went to VERY high speed and the sound is unbearable Even though i only have 2 fans! 1 on the back of the case and 1 on the CPU of course. ( GPU fan was unaffected). Ive tried uninstalling the program... Rebooting windows n everything. And i cant control my fans in any way from BIOS... Please help im afraid my PC will take off and fly away soon.
    CPU fan running at like 3500 RPM and only running on about 43 degrees celsius................. ( Sorry also forgot about my PSU fan. Lol but yeah also its running like crazy )

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    PLEASE help. Even tried system restore
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    what motherboard do you have? and what case do you have?
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    I don't know what the fix is, but if you just want to monitor your CPU temperature you can check out coretemp.

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    have you tried checking the actual fan speed percentages in speedfan itself?

    this is the first time ive ever heard an issue like this, and so does google search.....
    there has to be something thats weird with your pc

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