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    WoW crashes when i try to load on my 80's char

    So i just installed a brand new Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit,well not not actually installed it but i got the Genuine one since the one that i thought it was genuine turned out to be a total disaster.. And i thought my WoW would be fine afterwards but its still having a lot of crashes issues whenever i try to load on my lv 80's chars,not on my low lv chars.. Heres the message that pops out everytime,

    ERROR #134(0x85100086) Fatal Condition
    Program : C:\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
    Failed to read file WORLD\GENERIC\HUMAN\

    Any suggestion??

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    Have you tried the repair tool? (You can find that in your wow folder) I think some files were corrupted during installation so I guess you should try the repair tool or reinstall WoW.
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    Start by deleting whole WoW/cache folder and turn off all addons

    If it still keeps crashing, run the repair tool. Last resort is reinstalling the game.
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