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    Steam Sale!

    --Feel Free To Add Your Recent Purchases/Brief Reviews--

    (1) Section 8:

    For those of you who were enthused with Tribes 1, and Tribes 2 (Fuck Tribes 3), you'll love Section 8. The game play is very similar, much more high-tech, less focused on innovative game mechanic usage (re: skiing?) and the weapons are both high-tech and familiar.

    It runs smoothly, and is well designed. However, the flaw in it lies with the fact that it was released (like so many other great games) prematurely, and the fanbase dwindled. So, only about 45 people seem to play the game online. So, pick it up, and try it out! It's on Sale for 50% off (~15 bucks)!

    (2) Supreme Commander 2:

    For those of us who like Real Time Strategy, but hate the atmosphere of Starcraft (2), then this is the game for us. It focuses more on strategy and tactics, and less on economy/unit surges. Naval/Ground artillery, experimental aircraft, forward and long range (building) artillery, coupled with the typical RTS bomber/fighter/tank/anti-air style units makes for interesting strategies. Bombard your people from long range, create an artillery wall for defense, go on bombing runs, whatever!

    Probably the two greatest things about this game are the building queues (Set a queue (for example: 3 tanks, 2 Artillery, 1 Anti Air) and it repeats it until you run out of resources, alter it, or pause it), and the technology tree which requires you to 'specialize' your forces. Should be (IIRC) on sale still for ~12 bucks.

    (3) Osmos:

    Hard and addicting as fuck. 2.99 on Steam right now.
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    most webstores sell cheaper than steam... even with 60% + discount.

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