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  • Team Edward

    4 33.33%
  • Team Jacob

    8 66.67%
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    Lightbulb What team are you on?

    This is what it all comes down to...
    The final most epic poll...

    So are you on team Edward or Jacob?

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    Team Charlie,

    Nothing, and I mean nothing can beat that mustache. It has more sex appeal than the rest of the cast put together.

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    is there a team none?

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    Team Peugeot Total all the way! Even when all of the Peugeots blew up at Le Mans this year!

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    I would be on Team "Winchester" as Sam would drive his demon killing dagger into Edward's and Dean would blow a hole through Jacob with the Colt

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    From what I hear Twilight is one of those movies that "fans like and no one else will". By the way I vote Team Blade.


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    I vote Team Blade aswell.
    Quote Originally Posted by Quincey
    This is best thing i have ever seen. ever.

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    Team Blade represent.
    He is the life of guilds he has never joined.
    He once had a noobish moment- just to see what it felt like.
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    I don't know what you are talking about...

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    Team A, I belive.
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    Screw Aliens vs Predator. I want to see Blade vs Twilight!

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    Team Boobs Team Boobs always win
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    I've been told that my correct "affiliation" was Team Alice. I've professed to being Team Ashley (Greene) cuz I want to fuck her in every hole but had no clue what her character was called.

    Beyond that, Team Blade 4 Life.

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    team Pattinson

    as terrible as twilight is, Robert Pattinson may be my new favorite actor after finding this commentary on Stephenie Meyer and the series as a whole

    When I read it ... I was convinced that Stephenie was convinced that she was Bella, and ... it was like it was a book that wasn't supposed to be published, like reading her — her sort of sexual fantasy about some — especially when she says that it was based on a dream, and it's like, "Oh, then I had a dream about this really sexy guy" and she just writes this book about it, and there's some things about Edward that are just so specific that ... I was just convinced that this woman is mad, she's completely mad, and she's in love with her own fictional creation. And I sometimes ... feel uncomfortable reading this thing, and I think a lot of people feel the same way, that it's kind of voyeuristic ... It creates this sick pleasure in a lot of ways.

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    Team Eric!

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    Team bibi...
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    winchesters ftw

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    Team Blade, he's the only real vampire. He doesn't sparkle. Or I guess I could be on team Greymane, oh the choices.

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    team dracula hands down.

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    Team Blade, as suggested by Azoron. Bring on the poser teams!
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