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  • Team Edward

    4 33.33%
  • Team Jacob

    8 66.67%
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    Quote Originally Posted by SRS_USRNAME View Post
    Team Charlie,

    Nothing, and I mean nothing can beat that mustache. It has more sex appeal than the rest of the cast put together.
    Yes indeed! Team Charlie wins for sure!

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    lost sux
    first season was ok, but everything after was dire

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    Team Buffy, WOO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yavannie View Post
    Team Eric!
    Well, sure, THIS. I mean, with Blade in jail, the only other Vampire world still running is True Blood and come on. Did you see Eric sully into Sookies house and go all "HEEEAAAHAHHHHHH!!!!!" on that Werewolf? Ooops, he got the carpet wet... Eric would roflpwn all of Twilight.



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