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    Push your local bands / artists

    Hi there MMO-Champion community!

    I was wondering about all the bands / artists out there that are well known in the country / region they come from but are unknown to the rest of the world.
    So I basically want you folks to post your favourite local band. It doesn't matter if they don't sing / rap / scream... in english. Name the country from where they are from aswell!

    If the lyrics are in any other language then english it would be nice if you could give us a litte sum-up of what the song is about!

    Artist: Hinterland
    Track: Voixmusik
    Country: Austria


    The song is about the making rap music the new folk music. I like it because of the crossover between austrian customs (lederhosen!) and rap music!
    Take A Walk On The Wild Side

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    I have a few good Local bands, but they are like from my State..not many people know of them but they are pretty decent and on the way 2 gettig signed.

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