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    Talent Calc for Cataclysm

    First off I hate making my first post a new topic, never a good sign usually. However I feel the need to talk about something with fellow priests. The talent calculator on MMO Champ shows that Chakra will only be reachable by training Lightwell. However Wowhead shows that this is not the case? If it is the case is anyone else as pissed as I am about the wasted talent point? I can never see lightwell being a usefull spell and I'm kind of annoyed at feeling forced to take it. Anyone else have some thoughts on this?

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    Wowhead's must have been updated because it too shows Lightwell is needed to get Chakra.

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    The only problem with lightwell is the fact that raid members do not like having to move and deselect their target/think about healing past a hotkey to be healed. But, chakra is worth 6 talent points imo, and is worth getting lightwell for. There is also the fact that it is the first stage of beta and they might have something in stored for lightwell later on that makes it decent.

    I've played with lightwell before, and found it useful for personal healing since the hot is very powerful. The hot is powerful, and since you'll probably be the only one that gets it, you can get all 10 charges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
    I can never see lightwell being a usefull spell
    You just summed up the biggest problem with lightwell: perception.

    Lightwell has always been a useful spell, but it goes to waste when when nobody ever takes advantage of it. For a dps, using it embodies their 2 worst nightmares: Not using every GCD towards DPS, and actually doing that changy-targety thing.

    Lightwell offers perhaps the best HPM in the game, and can be tremendously valuable in many of the damage aura fights (especially now that at the 25% buff fewer auras / attacks will break the HoT). But for the simple fact that people refuse to use it, it would be in my holy spec now.

    If the guts of the spell remains unchanged, though, it will only become more (potentially) powerful in Cata. With the expectation set that people's healths will generally be fluctuating and not normally topped off - but also not dropping like a rock (at least for dps / healers)- Lightwell HoT's would have low overheal and incredible HPM with very little HoT-breakage.

    If every holy priest is essentially forced into picking it up, maybe we can as a group set out the doggy treats and newspapers and slowly train the raid how to use it. "Here boy, come on -- that's it, HoT's are GOOD!!"

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