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    New fishing dailies (SW)

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    Hitting a Walleye

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    Rock lobster!

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    Great find. Any pics/word on the Horde equivalent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiddlesnarf View Post
    Rock lobster!
    Now we just have to find the love shack.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vidur View Post
    Great find. Any pics/word on the Horde equivalent?
    I can imagine fishing stuff in the "beautiful" lake in the goblin district
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    So, what would be your reaction, if you found out, that come cata release first patch, blizzard were planning to kill everyone by sending a bear through the mail?

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    Thanks, these do look more like the old Outland dailies than the Northrend ones don't they. Are these relatively low level quests, to make levelling fishing a bit more attractive, or are they Cataclysm level?

    Shame I don't have a beta key, or I could tell them it isn't "Viscous" but "Vicious". Unless they really have thick, treacly, gloopy sharks. (Third image)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zadoc View Post
    Thanks, these do look more like the old Outland dailies than the Northrend ones don't they. Are these relatively low level quests, to make levelling fishing a bit more attractive, or are they Cataclysm level?

    Shame I don't have a beta key, or I could tell them it isn't "Viscous" but "Vicious". Unless they really have thick, treacly, gloopy sharks. (Third image)
    You need to be level 10 to pick these up. The quest reward must be a placeholder as it's the normal Dalaran fishing daily reward. I received 9g32s87c, a Northsea Pearl and a Porcelain Bell - not bad for level 10!

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    Kinda wondering what level the sharks mentioned are going to be.. I can see a few of the dailies being a bit harder to do at low levels without it causing too much of an issue.

    I'm guessing that they don't have level requirements yet for testing purposes, but will have them once they go live, otherwise the rewards will have to change significantly since 10g is a massive amount of money for a newbie toon.

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    Will check the other ones in the next few days, but I don't expect the reward to stay the same, it's just a placeholder and I guess helps low level toons get plenty gold so as to help the testing process on other things.

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    Okay I gave Rock Lobster a try today. Works just as it says on the tin... only there are level 85 sharks prowling around the docks. So the current level limit on this quest appears to be lower than it will be in live, probably in order to encourage testing.

    So they're looking like level 85 quests, which is a little disappointing as the 3 I've done so far seem more like low level quests than end-game quests. Ah well.
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    They have the technology to scale quest levels and quest rewards to the level of the quester. If they don't put a level restriction or skill restriction on it, I'd expect them to eventually do that.

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    Viscous sharks? Are they half water-elemental?

    Anyway... this looks pretty awesome! No more wandering around half the continent to get your fishing dailies done, and there's some funny stuff in there to some extent.

    I wonder if this hints towards how far you'll have to travel for other profession dailies.

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    Earthworm Jim does not approve these new Fishing daily's. Or rather, he just dislikes one specific quest.

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    Why have fishing quests at all if not to take you out to different parts of the world?

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    I did rock lobster just before, the lobsters are able to be tracked by the hunters track beasts ability which also tracks the sharks so it's quite an easy quest for a hunter. The shark themselves are level 85 and I actually had one follow my level 80 hunter around though he never attacked me despite being a few inches close to me..which was good because at the moment hunter pets are bugged like crazy so she has no pet and would have gotten murdered lol.

    I did Diggin' For Worms last week, it's fairly simple.. just go out to the new Lake Olivia area north of the dwarf district, find a worm on the ground (sparkle sparkle) then go to Olivia's Pond nearby and use the worm to fish up a Crystal Bass.

    Big Gulp you need to go to the Stormwind "moat" which is the water area as you come into Stormwind and fish for a royal monkfish and then you are meant to fillet it to get a locket out for the quest giver, seems to be bugged though as there's no way (that I can see) to fillet the fish so have submitted bug report for that.

    Thunder Falls: The area is just to the right of Stormwind in the hills there and all you basically do is stand at the water and fish for 4 Violet Perch fish so it's just a normal "go out and fish for 4 of these fishes" type quest.

    All the fishing dailies seem to be fairly easy to do though that might change on release.

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    These dailies also reward 1 fishing skill point in the new beta build.

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    I picked up a Horde equivalent yesterday "Clammy Hands"

    Still unable to post pictures do to my low post count so here is the text:

    Collect 10 monstrous clam meat from the clams near the eastern shoreline, just south of Ogrimmar. Return to Razgar once you are done.


    Nothing tastes like fresh monstrous clam meat, <player name>. I have been so busy with work these past few weeks that I have not been able to make it to the local clam spawning grounds. Think you could run down there and gather some of those tasty treats for me?

    The clams can be found near the shoreline on the eastern coast of Durotar. Should be plenty right around the Ogrimmar docks"

    Completed on a level 13 goblin warlock. Simply went to Bladefist Bay and looted the clams which contained 1-2 clam meat. Reward was Northrend fishing bad with 6g, glass and northsea pearls, 900xp at level 13 plus one fishing point (fishing skill now 2 :P)

    Edit: Razgar provides you with a 15 minute underwater breathing and swimming speed increase buff.
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    Today's Horde fishing daily was "A Golden Opportunity"

    "Use Razgar's fillet knife to cut off a drowned Thunderlizard tail in Thunder Ridge, south of Ogrimmar. Once you have the tail, use it near a Golden Stonefish to kill it. Return to Razgar in the Valley of Honor once you are done

    You heard of the golden stonefish, <player name>? The thing with these fish is that they can't be caught by normal means. They have jaws so strong that they snap right though* and hooks of lures you try to use on 'em.

    You can find a number of them in thunder ridge, south of Ogrimmar. That ridge used to be full of thunder lizards, but they all drowned in the flood.

    Take my knife, swim down there and cut off their tails. You should be able to use the tail to zap any stonefish you find"

    *The current quest text says though instead of through

    The dead thunder lizards still zap you and knock back slightly. You just use the knife, loot the tail and use it on a stonefish. You need 3 fish for the quest but only one tail Again, you take a small amount of damage. Rewards were Northrend bag, 900 xp and 1 fishing point.

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    Can post pics, finally

    Clammy Hands

    I forgot a baby murloc spawned randomly after I looted a clam!

    A Golden Opportunity

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    the new dailies look quite interesting. i beleive i will be doing more fishing in cata

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    They look nice and quite quickly to complete.
    By the way: who is Arnold?
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    Finally a use for Thunder Falls! I approve of this.

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