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    Evergreen Terrace

    Are the punk or metal? Both? Either way, they make me hard in my pants.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQdSGwSWEHA mmmmmmmm boner

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    actually kinda digg it, thanks for a new band to my collection reminds me a bit of as i lay dying... a bit...

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    Who cares, just listen to the music.
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    actually kinda funny. After i saw this thread, i listed to last.fm radio. If you dont know what it is, its a program where you type in a genre or a band name, and it plays songs related to that. I wrote Metalcore, and Evergreen Terrace came up that was kinda nice

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    Everygreen Terrace is actually hardcore/metal, but closer to the old school/punk hardcore stuff.
    It's a very old band and members are from a really punk/hardcore scene, anyways.
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    I would say mostly metal core with a dab of post hardcore. The melodic vocals are a bit to cute for my liking sorta like Atreyu not a big fan of that.

    I personally like post hardcore as a "genre", it's more technical that the rest my favorite is Poison the Well.

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    Lol I used to listen to these guys waaaay back in the day. Good stuff.
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