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    Spoony says it best regarding the Twilight Saga and he makes a damn good point when he explains why Bella Swan is one of the most hateful protaganists in literature history.
    A word of warning, his vids are quite long about 45 minutes each but well worth a look.

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    Bram Stoker got to be rolling in his grave at the whole "sparkle vampire" aspect.
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    Bad books made into worse movies.

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    i hate the film not because the sparkley vampire of the sixpack wolf...but because bella...what a selfish horrible person...

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    So I thought the sparkly vampire thing was a joke.. then I saw a segment of The Rotten Tomatoes show.. That dude literally is made shiny.. Like they poured a vat of glitter on him.. It makes no sense.

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    i actually won free tickets to see this movie. it was ok i wish it had more action in it but its def. for girls. though the consept would have been great. just not enough action for my blood.

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