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    This thread is dedicated to all the Tool fans out there. Feel free to talk about the band, post your favourite music from them etc etc.

    Well, I guess I'll start then. Have you ever heard Reflection? =)

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    Tool are nice and very unique, they are the radiohead of metal.

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    From vicarious to the pot, from jambi to aenima, from prison sex to parabola, Tool just shows how great of a band it is. Maynard's voice descends down from the heavens to inspire us all to think deeper and discover what it is that makes us tick. The music just combines it all to herald thoughts of the beginning and the end and everything in between.

    I became a Tool fan from watch wow videos with the music and my knowledge of the band is limited. I only stumble upon songs by them being aired on the radio or on some random video but every time a hear a new (old) song of theirs I fall in love with the band all over again.

    That said: APC's up there too.
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    Definitely one of my favourite bands. I got into them when I was first learning how to play the drums. Someone told me to listen to the song Eulogy and it just blew my mind. I just love the intensity and creativity that goes into every song.
    On that note: Jerk-off, live version with Maynard screaming his lungs out:

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