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    RealID, Blizzard and the ESRB

    For any and all who believe that the Proposed RealID forum proposal is a violation of privacy, please register a complaint with ESRB. Maybe Blizzard will change things if they look like they'll lose their ESRB rating.


    I post this here, in the hopes it will not be deleted. Every time I post this on any forum within Blizzard it is deleted within seconds. Posts that have 7 to 8 pages, that have been around for 30 minutes to hours, are instantly deleted when I post this. Flame me if you feel what I am posting is wrong, but at least someone....read it, pass on the link if you agree.

    The solution is simple. Attach a unique user ID to all Battle.net accounts for forum use. It does NOT need to be our real names.

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    ESRB does not protect a company from distributing a players personal information. A lawsuit would hold up in court, something will change.

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    Report this new anti-privacy policy to CNN or one of the other news networks as a story. See if it gets picked up.

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