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    WOW!!!!! Thats a pretty huge change, I bet theory crafters are going crazy over this :P

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    <<< Scared

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    Quote Originally Posted by origosis View Post
    Duuude! I'm excited to give it a try!

    I personally LOVE the idea, cause just this morning I was prepping a POST for the WoW Suggestion forum about something very similiar. Less talents, and stats that change based on a characters role.

    oh.. Hi MMO Champ! been reading for months, but this is my first POST! Love this place!
    Welcome to the forums... Always happy to see people that can post intelligibly.

    OT: For anybody that is against this, lets look at it this way... When you log into your 80, right after the patch that changes this, you will have the exact same number of buttons as now. (Possibly a few extra,

    especially if your a healer). As an 80, you will likely feel almost no difference from this change. Sure, you'll have less talents overall, but all your abilities are intact, your stats are basically the same, and you

    can do all the same things you could do before. (READ- as close to the same as possible for a pre x-pac patch)

    Now hit an alt, say level 27 or so. Better hit the trainer, buddy! That toon has a whole new slew of abilities, based on whatever role you choose. We'll call that a win.

    For the people who love the early hybrid specs, yeah, you guys kind of get the shaft. On the bright side, the fact that you gain a ton of new abilities at those low levels might just make us all forget about the

    epic 5/5/5 build we were trying on the "Other Server".

    This could be great for the game, lets just wait and see before calling foul.

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    the way they're pretty much overhauling the entire game...makes starting fresh with a new account sound more appealing. want to just have 1 main again and worry about gearing him. having 3-10 alts takes way too much time to be concerned with gearing.

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    I think blizzard has a head who is VERY naive.... No matter what they do, no matter how they do it, no matter what system they figure, and no matter what talents they put, there will ALWAYS be ONE talent build which is better than the rest. ALWAYS.

    I don't really understand all of these changes to try and avoid a talent build being better than the rest... it's impossible.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    The most you can get in a second tree is 10 points, and usually the active abilities are deeper than this. It does end up killing any chance for a build that goes halfway down two trees.
    and this sucks.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but you only get mastery bonus for the skill tree you put more points on, so...

    Why dont give us the spec defining abilities along with the active mastery and remove 31-points-must-be-used-in-one tree lockout?

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    I welcome these changes to talent trees

    And Offtopic, Spain pwns, Puyol headshot facemelted Germany

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    I imagine this means that theyll most likely do the 2nd wave of beta invites when they release this build to get as many specs trialed as possible, as early as possible.
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    I personally dont like this at all.. it will just make game very... very very boring!!! Iam druid, and i love to swich around my trees and specs ALOT.. one of favorite thing i like to do is - just use talent calculator and try to make some new builds.. - NOW its will be jsut noob friendly - put31 points in and thats it .. pff .. crap, crap crap.

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    Judging by the way the majority of casuals currently spec it would appear that the current talent trees were way to complicated for casuals so this was a logical step for Blizzard.

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    Made a rogue a few times up to lvl 35 but never got into it because i didnt care for the classes and had too many alts leveling through quests already. So i've specifically put it off again till cataclysm when im gonna roll a worgen rogue so these talents sound like its gonna be a lot more fun to experiment instead of just go "well everyone dps'es in combat tree for this patch" so im excited.

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    Looks like the real Cataclysm *Quickly takes off glasses* was in the talent trees...

    but in all honesty i find these changes interesting and potentially a positive trade. I'll just have to wait and see

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuervos View Post
    I am not impressed by this change.

    One of the key factors of leveling an alt, to me, is planning out your characters path. For example, when leveling my feral druid, I had 11 points in resto so I can get Omen of Clarity, an extremely useful talent to have with all three specs. The rest of my points would go feral until I had enough to max out the shapeshifting talents in resto as well.

    With this change, I would not be able to have the freedom to do this.
    What you did was kinda forced as well, the big change is now you will actually BE your spec from level 10, you don't have to dabble with stuff in other trees to make you viable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maim View Post
    Is it just me or is blizzard worrying more about leveling with all of their updates then worrying about endgame....
    It makes sense since they are redoing a lot of the 1-60 areas, also even if you don't think so leveling IS the main thing in the game, I know some people have ONE char and only raid but that's not how the majority plays.

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    Wow, this is TOTAL overhaul, much bigger than I have expected. Great changes, finally low level characters will have more buttons to press

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    This is by far the biggest overhaul to a game mechanic ever done in WoW.

    I think they are risking that the game won't be balanced as now when cataclysm ships.

    Also I see a lot of classes losing some abilities. For instance an unholy Dk loses Lichborne and an Arms warrior is losing Piercing Howl (which really comes in handy in a world where you end up yards away from your target when you charge).

    I like the idea of smallar talent trees but careful with class nerfs!

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    Any of you people that are crying about this new system obviously haven't played vanilla wow. Back in the day this game was actually simplistic and not so complex and "trying" to be perfect. They are not trying to make this game dumbed down, but they want all aspects of this game to be balanced. Getting rid of the unnecessary talents is one approach to bringing back vanilla wow in my opinion.

    Also, i think many of you that are crying about this forget that these same people designed the best mmorpg on the face of the planet; they know what they are doing. If you haters dont like it then dont cry about it embrace it and talk about how awesome Cata is going to be. Cause it looks very promising.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cogzwell View Post
    looks like the real cataclysm *quickly takes off glasses* was in the talent trees...

    But in all honesty i find these changes interesting and potentially a positive trade. I'll just have to wait and see

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    Now, the most essential feedback on these news, you guys should promise me to report to GC himself through your fancy US boards, is to bring that bloody Warbinger warrior talent to the very bottom of Protection tree. Together with my appreciation and approval to these changes.
    First post here. Runglish included. Greetings from Moscow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muelleimer View Post
    omg thats so fail i hate that change WTF
    Have you read everything or just the part about cutting trees to 31 talents and 41 points top?

    I LOVE the change. I'm long past doing every class to 10th, but I still remember that it just didn't matter if you used the talent or not and on which tree. Now the true class experience will start at 10lvl so about 1 hour from start instead of 40 or 50 which can take days if you're just starting your wow addiction. Every point matters and that's how it was supposed to be. That probably means Unholy DK will loose access to Icy Talons but it will be completely new world with new standards so no one's loosing anything.

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