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    Hmmmm... well I suspect we are looking at 1 talent point per 2 levels until 80 then 1 each for 81-85.... 41 points total. Justa guess...

    Or perhaps 2 every other level til 70 for 51 points total...

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    I kinda like this changes. Only adding talents is not adding content. It's an important and brave decision by blizzard as it will generate a hell lot of whining.

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    Very interesting, and I'm totally up for it.

    Hopefully they can make every talent meaningful this way, so we dont have to put points into "improved reincarnation" and such.

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    holy crap, this is a good move from Blizzard, if a sudden one. Less talents = win in my book, now they are just bloated. Thumbs up!

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    A lot of concerns rise from this, but we'll have to reserve judgement until the trees are released. I'm excited about this.

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    As much as I want to hate this.... I love this!

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    I think this is an interesting approach- it did seem like the talent trees were going to be tough to improve significantly without some serious changes, and I'm glad they had the courage to toss out the old crap and start from the beginning.

    On the other hand, that same courage has lead to the idea of a user's real name displaying next to their forum posts, so I can't say it's all good.

    Also, is it just me or is it starting to feel like we might be a lot further from a release date than previously expected?

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    Sounds fine, i'm sure i won't miss those 5 points for 5-10% increased damage talents.

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    Shocking! I like it. Especially the fact that you can chose which tree to specialise in right away and feel it. Also that talents will be more meaningful. As well as that I like the fact you'll be able to spend no more than 10 talents in another tree so hopefully stupid specs like prot/holy or prot/ret wont be occuring again.

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    And we just boiled down the juice to a real powerfull sauce - great change imo.

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    Hate. This. Idea. Get. Rid. Of. It. Now.

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    Everything nice, I only wonder when we will be able to see a preview of those new talent trees.

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    Sounds pretty awesome to me! Can't wait to have a play with it!!

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    Very interesting, let's see how this is going to work.

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    so another 2 years on beta? :P

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    But removing "boring" talents and, thus, leaving 31-point talent trees is just.... removing "boring" talents. What's the point in that? Let us spend our points wherever we want, don't just restrict us.

    The point was to change boring talents for fun ones, but now, they're just removing boring talents... I'd expect better from blizz.

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    Interesting. Playing around with the current talent calculators gives the feeling of having too many points to work with, thus leaving very little decision process (not fun). I always loved the warrior and druid talent trees because at the end of the day, I felt proud of my specing decisions (unlike other classes I've played where my specs have been "Well, this sounds good too, I guess...").

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    31 point trees. And we will be force do spend all 31 talent points to be able to put them in another one. So for me it seems that now there will be no "builds" because you will have to complete one tree in 100%. So where are the differences between PvP and PvE builds? In my equipment?

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    Does this mean that there will be no tanks or healers until level 70? Who is going to level a Warrior as Prot? I see big problems coming because of this change.

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    Sigh... So they want to remove the feeling of "Oh great I leveled and got 1% hit" and replace it with "Oh yay I level and get absolutely nothing". The entire reason I played WoW was because of the talent trees and I have no desired to go back to 31 talents to a tree.

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