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    Best Guild Website Hosting Service

    My friends and I are looking to start a 10m guild come cata. We have been looking to setup a website, but we are a little unsure as to which would be the best to use. I have had a look around at reviews/features of each and have managed to narrow my choice down to a few (see below). At this stage (and into the future) I would like a free service with minimal advertising (I know I will get some adds if I use the free method). I would rather use a "hosting site" (such as guildlaunch) rather than just a standard web provider.
    Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with certain hosts? And can you make any recomendations/comments as to which I should choose? Thanks

    I have narrowed my choice down to:


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    Guildomatic is easy to use and not much smarts needed
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    Quote Originally Posted by Romire View Post
    Guildomatic is easy to use and not much smarts needed
    What are you tring to say

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    host a selfmade website on a professional webservice provider , you will have to pay for it but it looks more professional and people will get interested in it..

    if its just for your friends , why bother to make any website at all

    if you still want to succeed , just use one of the sites you linked yourself and see if it works out for you or not

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    I'm a fan of WowStead myself
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    These guys are new and probably not as well known, but they are by far the best i've run a guild on

    I've used wowstead before too and they don't come close to enjin.

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    I hate wowstead, personally im a fan of making your own site. More professional, more freedom, and no ads (unless you so choose!)

    Oh and you get email accounts! yourename@youreguild.com >_> I use mine all the time, i tell people its an online business I used to run
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    I used to make my own websites till i found enjin and I agree it can work out to be more professional plus you have full control. The only drawback is you gotta know how to do it and put in the time, but yeh wowstead sucks.

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    Does anyone know if you can create your own header for enjin?

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    Please don't necro a very old thread to ask a question that is fairly unrelated. You can always create a new thread. This one ended nearly two years ago.

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