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    Question Most messed up movies

    So i checked around youtube for movie trailers and found this movie "the human centipede". I read on info it was about some surgeon who gonna put three humans togheter that he had captured to make them a centipede.
    I checked the trailer and it started like most other horror movies, you see the victims and they get captured kinda but then i came to the middle of the trailer where they shew a clip from the movie where this surgeon presented to the peps what he was gonna do with them, on the poster you saw 3 people gonnected like on the ground with the mouths on the other persons but. This made me laugh because i mean like who the f comes up with a movie like "HEy, im gonna make a movie about 3 people shitting in eachothers mouths, then pooping out eachothers poop".
    I havent watched the movie yet, but seems kinda stupid imho.
    wnload it later
    So in this thread you can post the wierdest/stupidest movies you know/seen/whatever

    / Tropos
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    I wanted to make the front door look like a warlock summoning portal, but my wife said something about the neighbors thinking we worship the devil.. or something along those lines. Either way I was told no

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    Hah, when I read the title that movie was what came to my head first :P

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    Mega shark vs giant octipus

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    Its the story of a Womens Nether area growing teeth and eating mens who haws.
    Not even joking look it up on youtube.
    "Why are you wearing that stupid Man suit?"

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    A friend of mine started showing me a movie called Cannibal Holocaust, I just couldn't watch it, was some messed up crap. >< Go read IMDB and you'll understand why... think it was even siezed in a few countries.

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    Anything made by Troma.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helakion View Post
    Mega shark vs giant octipus
    Saw it, laughed my ass off. I mean the shark is tice the size of a nuclear sub and it jumps out of the water to pick a plane out of the sky (36000 feet or something).

    Also anything by M night shamalamalan ...
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    I'm just being a smart ass at this point.
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    If we do win, he can rub anything he wants in my face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helakion View Post
    Mega shark vs giant octipus
    Yeh, this.

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