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    Comedic Threads

    Well, I was bored this evening and was surfing the main page, when I found a thread that was a comedic chatlog version of some of the events in the Warcraft world. I decided: "hey, we should catalog these!"

    So yeah! here's a list. Feel free to add any threads you found to be hilarious, that you remember. If you can dig through the forums to find the Rhonin Diaries, I'd be a very happy mod!

    ~ World of Warcraft Lore, by Richard Knaak.

    ~ Scourge Chat Log.

    ~ Scourge Chat Log 2.

    ~ Scourge Chat Log 3.

    ~ How Neltharion Became Deathwing.

    ~ The Rhonin Diaries (Official Site) - Compiliation - Original Thread.

    ~ The Rhonin Diaries 2: The Sequel.

    ~ The Rhonin Diaries 4: Retcon.

    ~ Chat Logs: <Alliance> and <Horde>.

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