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    If people haven't seen this before...

    This is a petition people are signing to make the production of The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass, continue as originally planned!

    If you haven't seen The Golden Compass, you should check it out, awesome movie. BUT it ends on such a cliffhanger, and the other 2 movies currently cannot be made, because of controversy from the catholic church. Basically, in the movie they display a sort of "church-like" figure, which controls everyone, and doesn't let anyone do anything, unless they approve of it. Now, the church is making themselves look like they truly are from the movie by halting the production!

    I am a christian catholic, but I think this is just outrageous. If you have seen this movie, and want to see the last 2, or just want this stupid decision by the church to be reversed, then sign away!


    Thanks for your time =)

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    The books are pretty good, so if the movies never get finished at least we still have the far superior books ^^

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    I'd sign, but the golden compass was already ruined.............

    Why wont Christians let us have nice things
    "Why are you wearing that stupid Man suit?"

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