Name : Threcka
Age : 22
Race : Troll
Gender : Female
Eyes : Blue
Hair : Green
Skin : Blue
Class : Rogue
Job : Scout
Affliations : Horde


Threcka is a troll rogue who scouts areas on command of the horde she is a trained assasin and can be a brilliant melee combatant . Threcka currently resides in Orgrimmar but goes on tours with the Horde Military .

Threcka had an awful childhood , when she was born she was abandoned by her parents as soon as she was born and was handed to the Orphange inside Orgrimmar by Vol'Jin himself when he was visiting the Darkspear tribe he saw her lieing there on a path clearly ill . Threcka was going to do , there was no hope for her but somehow she survived . She stayed in Orgrimmar Orphanage for many years and never thought she would find anyone but when she was aged 13 after 13 hard years in the Orphanage and Orc by the name of Grom Warsong adopted her he was old and needed some company .

Threcka never knew her strength and elegance of weilding a blade until she encountered Grom who helped her to train herself . From then Threcka had her heart set on joining the Horde Military aged 16. When the time came to say farewell to Grom it was emotional . When she is not serving in wars with the Horde military she stays with Grom who she tells her stories about the military to him and explains the things she has done which Grom understands quite well .

Threcka joined the Horde military at around the same time as Gretari Frostwolf who stayed in the same orphanage but he never found anyone after 16 trecherous years he left the orphanage . Threcka and Gretari are similar people . Both had the loss of parents as soon as they were born , both respect the community , both adore the militay and furthermore Gretari and Threcka were put in the same regiment . Threcka states that Gretari is a life long friend and she will do anything to protect him from death .

Threcka has a thing for escaping death . In the forests of Ashenvale she crawled back to the Horde encampent after being ambushed by alliance soldiers and being shot inches from her heart , she survived the Massacre of Orgrimmar and she just escaped the trauma of the Wrathgate Gretari pulled her out of the gas clouds before they could kill her after they made her unconsious . Threcka and Gretari were also present in the opening of the Dark Portal and both assisted and witnessed the demise of the Lich King Arthas in his Dread Cidatel . The duo were also one of the first people to set foot on the Frozen Wastes of Northrend and untop of that Threcka was the first member of the Horde to enter the Wyrmrest Temple amist fears the dragons were hostile .

Threcka currently resides in Orgrimmar helping out in fighting Conflicts and waiting for her next campaign with the military to start .