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    Talking What is under Light's Hope Chapel

    I dont know i remember in the final DK quest lichy was like "we are on holy ground you know what is under this place" and then tirion was like hell no! and heroic leaped him,

    now go and rant!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chakosa View Post
    Welcome to how the game was always and is supposed to be played. Have fun not being able to be an autistic shit anymore.

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    Its arthas's great uncle's cousin's sister's mother's cat's best friend named john, who weilds a mighty sword belonging to his great grandfather's brother in law

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    Tbh, you hit the nail there.
    You made me wonder aswell

    WTB: Lore freak who knows

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    The bodies of many noble, fallen paladins.

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    I'm pretty sure it's the bodies of a bunch of paladins.

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    In the Comics, it was apparently revealed to be a Great Mausoleum for Paladins.

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    WoWWiki, WoWWiki, oh the holy site...
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    From wowwiki

    Underneath the chapel is a catacomb which houses the remains of the heroes of Lordaeron. Many of the remains were exhumed and moved to the chapel so they could not be resurrected in the service of the Lich King.

    Revealed in the fourth and final volume of the World of Warcraft: Ashbringer comic mini-series, Dust to Dust, is the truth about what is buried beneath Light's Hope chapel. Lord Maxwell Tyrosus takes Darion Mograine to the catacombs beneath and tells him the story of how, during Arthas's rampage through Lordaeron, Tyrosus and a few others were chosen for the secret task of unearthing the bodies of a thousand fallen heroes of the Light and bringing them to Light's Hope Chapel. It is here they were interred once more in sacred ground. This was done to protect the honored dead from being raised as nothing more than cogs in the Lich King's undead army.
    During the battle that followed, Darion ran the Ashbringer through his own body as a final act of faith and love to free his father's soul. The spirits of those thousand heroes brought forth a reckoning against the Scourge then, decimating the undead ranks surrounding the troops of the Argent Dawn. Unfortunately, the price for Alexandros Mograine's soul was high--the soul of his only remaining son, Darion Mograine.

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    Eyonix's corpse
    Quote Originally Posted by Cabbic
    Hello and also one greeting to each and all,I play Mage class. Whoa I am freaking wild man. My friend if a huntear when I watch it I alway think about this. What makes a hunter Great. How can he do it. And it will be hard. Ever one else is going to get new spells so wat about the hunter.
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    ruh roh, sorry i just finished masturbating, cant use english correctly.

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    Russell's teapot is under light's hope chapel.

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    What Willis is talkin' about.

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    Underneath the chapel is a catacomb which houses the remains of the heroes of Lordaeron. Many of the remains were exhumed and moved to the chapel so they could not be resurrected in the service of the Lich King.
    This !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiira View Post
    Russell's teapot is under light's hope chapel.
    And still undetectable.

    But you can't prove that its NOT there

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    It's a bunch of super palys. Basically, the LK wanted to raise them all to be DKs...

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    i heard Justin beiber was hiding out down there to avoid going to North korea.

    the funny stuff aside, ya its a giant sanctified crypt. from some of the screenshots from cataclysm beta they added an entrance in behind the old church so we can go in =D

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    Actually there's nothing under the chapel, Tirion made it all up to scare the lich king away.
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