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    Name - Fryloc Filber
    Race/Class - Human Paladin
    Age - 27
    Appearance - standing at 6.2 with red/golden hair average weight, wearing the Justicar armor set. Carries a War mace on his back crafted by the Argent Dawn.
    Personality - Caring and compassionate always willing to help anyone out. Distrusts forsaken and death knights. His goal in life is to find his sister and put her soul to rest.
    Affiliation - Argent Crusade

    Fryloc was born the younger child of Winston Light-foot and Trisha Filber. His sister Elsa was 4 years older then him and made up many games for them to play. At the age of 10 Fryloc started training with his father. During the first war Winston had fought against the Orcish horde in Stormwind. Fryloc trained with his father in all manner of fighting, but became most proficient with a mace. During his 14th year Fryloc was sent to the nearby town of Hearthglen to begin training as a paladin. By the Age of 18 Fryloc was already a better paladin then his instructors and fellow paladins. At 20 Fryloc was given his first assignment, he was to lead a group of soldiers against bandits attacking farms in the nearby area.

    Setting out he had high hopes for his first assignment and was eager to finish and return home. As the scouting party located a bandit camp a scream broke the silence of the nearby grove. Ordering his men to follow him in the direction of the sound they soon came across the body of a middle aged woman. Quickly searching the area Fryloc and his men found nothing. Taking a closer look at the corpse Fryloc realized it was his mother. Holding back the tears he ordered his men to bury the woman and set up a camp nearby. Fryloc took 2 men and headed for his families farm. Reaching the outer gate he could already see the flames, running down the path he stumbles and fell over something. Looking down he saw it was the still form of his father, barely alive. Cradling his fathers body in his arms he spoke to him asking what had happened and who had done this. His father spoke the words bandit with his dying breath. Fryloc immediately went looking for his sister, finding a trail leading back behind the house he followed it.

    Finding a small camp Fryloc spotted his sister in a cage, the bandits were drunk and starting to get rowdy. Anger burned inside him but he controlled it tightly. Reaching for his war mace he rose from the bushes and spoke in a loud voice telling the bandits they were surrounded and to surrender. Most of the bandits laughed some however looked warily around and slowly drew their weapons. Fryloc charged from the bush and began attacking the bandits, they stood no chance and he soon had slain all but one. Fryloc questioned the bandit before tying him up and freeing his sister. His sister had many questions and Fryloc answered them all as he made his way back to his camp. As he neared the grove he heard the sounds of fighting rushing into the grove he saw half his men slain and the other half fighting off what looked to be a group of zombies of some sort. Instantly recovering from his shock he leaped into battle and killed all the foes. Having lost half of his troops Fryloc ordered the men to break camp and head home to Hearthglen.

    As they neared the city the sound of fighting could be heard, Fryloc rushed through the main gates and found the city besieged by undead. Ordering his men to rally survivors Fryloc found himself facing a half hundred undead all alone. Just before the wave of undead would have devoured him a blinding light flashed over his head and felled all the undead at once. Turning Fryloc saw Uther the light-bringer standing above him. Fryloc stood and gathered himself before thanking Uther for his timely aid. As the last undead were slain and burned Fryloc was standing at the back of a large crowd. Standing on a nearby crate Fryloc saw Uther talking to Prince Arthas as the crowd dispersed to return to their homes and clean up the wreckage Fryloc strode over to the pair. After speaking to Uther and Arthas at great length Fryloc offered his aid to their cause and promised to follow them to Stratholme after seeing to the safety of his sister.

    Fryloc arrived at Stratholme 2 days late and found the city in ruins not knowing what happened he returned to Hearthglen and decided that it was too dangerous to leave his sister there. Taking her West they traveled to Lordaeron and Fryloc went immediately to speak with anyone who could tell him what had happened at Stratholme. Finding a knight of the silver hand Fryloc spoke with him at great length, learning the truth about what Arthas had done. Shocked, horrified and appalled Fryloc tried to convince his sister to travel south with him to Stormwind but she would not go. Fryloc decided to stay and protect Lordaeron, joining the ranks of the Silver hand Fryloc was at the forefront in the war against the scourge. He witnessed first hand the slaying of entire towns and villages. As Lordaeron was fighting its last stand against the scourge when word reached Fryloc that Arthas had returned from someplace called Northrend.

    Returning to Lordaeron and forced his way through the crowd, as he reached the overlooking platform Fryloc saw Arthas slay his father and was one of those who pursued him. For months Fryloc and a group of knights tracked Arthas as he moved about the land. After returning to Hearthglen for reinforcement Fryloc received word that Arthas had slain Uther. Fryloc returned to Lordaeron and joined a group defending the city from scourge. After holding out for as long as possible Fryloc went to his sister and begged her to leave with him for he knew the city was doomed, she refused saying that abandoning their homeland was not something she would do, Fryloc left the city a broken man and headed east, coming upon a group of paladins calling themselves the Argent Dawn they offered Fryloc a place in their Order.

    7 Years later Fryloc had learned that his sister had been risen as a death knight. Vowing that he would put her spirit to rest he regained his fighting spirit and joined the Argent Crusade, heading to Northrend with the rest of the order. Upon arriving in Northrend Fryloc was first tasked with helping locate a suitable base camp, with a small detachment of soldiers in tow Fryloc located the perfect spot. As he set his men to work they were assaulted by undead. Fighting against the overwhelming numbers of undead the soldiers slowly died one by one until only Fryloc was left as he was about to be overwhelmed his War mace broke, with no weapon Fryloc lashed out with a kick which glowed like fire. As the kick landed it sent out a wave of holy light searing every undead nearby. Startled by this outburst of holy power Fryloc fell to the ground and found the ground he was sitting on Consecrated by his boots touch, Destroying the rest of the undead with ease Fryloc returned to the ship with his feet aglow earning him the name Light-Strider. After having earned his title Fryloc had a War mace crafted by the blacksmiths of the Crusade filled with the power to draw the light from his boots into the hammer acting like a lightning rod for his attacks.
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