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    Quote Originally Posted by Algore View Post
    That achievement might spoil some cataclysm event stuff, any thoughts?
    I'm picturing something like the scourge invasion combined with the aq event.

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    That new Azshara looks really, REALLY stupid. I mean, it ruins the whole continent feeling for me, just normal land and them BAM, a Horde symbol.

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    I made you a Kalimdor but I took a bite out of it...

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    Damn those trees look so empty lol

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    Shadowstep at level 10- that's a little bit unbalanced.

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    Sooo, are Druids getting their forms at 10 now when they pick a spec? Is that what's happening there?

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    Quick note: The Balance Druid Talent Tree has Starsurge, but doesn't have Moonkin Form. It also has Owlkin Frenzy.

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    I like these changes, though i wish the specialization talents were a little more interesting for each of the classes. I have a feeling they'll change them over time

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    These specialization talents at level 10 seem really interesting

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    There's probably a reason why the talent trees aren't up on the official forums yet. They're not polished enough to present.

    Give it time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaiwyn View Post
    Ooh, that's interesting. Arcane Barrage sounds really cool now. Pity that only Fire mages get Molten Armor, though. I wonder how everything else will change to accomodate for that!

    I like how priests get mind flay at level 10. It clues people in that it is a key shadow spell, and I'm sure that mind flay will be a greater part of a shadow priest's "rotation".

    It's interesting to see the not only do assassination rogues get mutilate at level 10, but also improved poisons. Very cool.

    Good to see that ele shammies get thunderstorm at such an early level. Not that they will need it for the mana regen for a long time, as I heard that mana regen for all casters is pretty good up till around level 40. Looks like resto have it really good, too. Earth shield from the get-go, and purification!

    Bloodthirst and precision for furies. This is great.

    Over all, some nice changes. Can't wait to see the initial tree changes!
    Uhm...about mind do realize that it's at least 30% of a priest's total damage, right? If we're not re-applying dots or using mind blast, we're channeling mind flay. In fact, with 4-piece t10, most raiders opt to take mind blast out of their rotation(as mind flay has more damage per cast time than mind blast), or only use it when doing so would allow them to get a DoT up faster(as mind blast casts faster than mind flay channels), so if we're not refreshing vampiric touch or devouring plague, we're channeling mind flay. With 4-piece t10 this means mind flay is 40-50% of our damage. Mind Flay does not need a "greater part in a shadow priest's rotation." I'm hoping that new spell with a name that escapes me, gets thrown into our "rotation" and isn't just used for burst, tbh, it sounds pretty crappy as a burst mechanic anyway. Considering it's only supposed to do about the same amount of damage as mind flay on a target with shadow word: pain and it's other mechanic requires ramp-up time(/facepalm).
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    I will be streaming my 82 tankadin in heroic gear leveling to 83 as well as deepholm action

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    Hrm, somehow less talents makes this feel empty and a bit boring. (Beta, i know)

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    Please tell me those arn't the talent trees.

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    Damn low levels are going to be so overpowered hehe.

    Looking forward to making a Goblin and Worgen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daviddishere View Post
    Looks like it got reworked.

    "Desperate Prayer is a pretty different ability. They really only have the name in common. In Cataclysm, Desperate Prayer has a 45 sec cooldown (down from 2 min). The lower cooldown will let you use it often as leveling.

    Holy also has a talent that when you use Desperate Prayer (to heal yourself), it also heals the most injured ally (a portion of the healing done to you), turning it into an instant, smart Binding Heal. "
    That's really not much better. Even when you've invested talent points into your "signature ability" (lmao!) it's still not very useful for leveling. Solo or otherwise.

    Blizzard just seems to be completely out of touch with Holy Priests. It's been that way for quite a while now...

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    not all that much to know until blizzard fleshes out those talent trees a bit more.

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    I have to say I am not digging the new talent trees much. As a demo lock and Unholy DK there are still some wasted points to spend due to having no choice but put them in talents I don't want.

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