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    I still get the old beta talent calculator when I press the links in the news post. Any secret link to the new 31-point trees?

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    I understood they were looking into spell pushbacks, but having them as a tree specific bonus, and the +hit bonuses there also seems a bit of a letdown.
    Melee do not suffer any sort of pushback, so casters/hunters still suffering from the mechanism is very outdated.

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    In my opinion WoWtal talents only have the amount of points per talent and its tier position updated. Talent descriptions are identic to old ones.

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    Hmmm Felguard at level 10. Or am i misinterpreting the information.

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    i know they said feral still needs work and OMG are they right lol

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    stream up

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    The holy priest definitive skill is Desperate Prayer?

    I lolled.

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    Tripping the Rifts....

    Heh, can pretty much bet that will get changed

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    Loving the flavor text on the talent trees, hope we see the actual trees soon

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    So I guess by now they aren't gonna leave any "blank" spots on the world maps like Hyjal and Gilneas is today. With that in mind, my question: What's that north of West/Eastern Plaguelands?

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    Some stuff worth checking: Cho'gall has proper model now, no longer a placeholder - looks amazing and has very many eyes all over his body.
    Also there seems to be catapults near the big tentacle things in Twilight Highlands, presumably for a quest there..
    And in uldum there have been alot of statues added allover the zone and many mobs too.
    Also Harrison Jones is around there aswell, doesnt say anything interesting tho.

    Edit: World server is on the fritz so will update as i discover stuff but it may be a bit at a time when i can get logged in

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    Quote Originally Posted by thilicen View Post
    So I guess by now they aren't gonna leave any "blank" spots on the world maps like Hyjal and Gilneas is today. With that in mind, my question: What's that north of West/Eastern Plaguelands?
    Maybe Strat? Dunno. I'm wondering as well.

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    I was asking about AQ earlier in this thread, its probably like the spot over in southern kalimdor where ahn qiraj should be, its going to be like ZG now, a open world questing area. thats my best guess

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Priest - Discipline
    Uses magic to shield allies from taking damage as well as heal their wounds.

    * Penance
    * Discipline Priest (pushback resistance)
    * Meditation

    Priest - Holy
    A versatile healer who can reverse damage on individuals or groups and even heal from beyond the grave.

    * Desperate Prayer
    * Holy Priest (pushback reduction on disc/holy spells)
    * Meditation
    So Disc priest got Penance at lvl 10 and Holy priest got.... Desperate Prayer... Did i missed something or they really dont wan't any priest to spec Holy at 10 ?

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    Hopefully the talents will still change. As shadow its all the same + shadow orb mastery. Also i cant even get all interesting stuff with 41skillpoints at lvl85 what i got right now at 80. Cant even skill 3/3 imp inner fire...
    They talked about they dont want everyone to take exactly the same talents but right now you dont really have a choice.

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    Hmm... early build, I know, but I have to mimic most peoples reactions to the trees; kind of underwhelming.

    Some trees are nice, but some trees... well... they're just "Place points in all talents from Tier 3+!". They're really is no new choice at all. Most trees talent points beyond Tier 2 are just better then everything else you would choose, so you literally just put points into all of them.

    That just leaves your "choices" to the Tier 1 and 2 spots at the top of the trees, which are all relatively boring for the most part.

    Not really saying it's worse, because right now you're kind of force into shit anyways, so it's not much different, but I kind of hoped they would of made the later talents a little more choice instead of "Get them all".
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    considering most trees are just the same thing minus filler, i doubt this is final.

    but who cares really, it's just arbitrary that we have to spend 51 points to get the same skills.

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    All I feel is disappointment. Lots and lots of it.

    I could careless about the utility if I didn't think I was just ticking checkboxes like I would for ordering a product by mail.

    Way to go Blizzard. If you wanted to give me a reason to quit this game to make up for all the cool stuff in Cataclysm; congratu-fucking-lations.

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