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    thanks Blizz, you make it for me easier... now i can quit with peace in my hearth

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    Want to buy useful resto druid talents in the actual damn resto tree (also what the crap happened to the cooldown reduction on the new "on use" tree ability . Every talent tree they have released has had the same issues at the top of the tree - pointless talents that don't actually do anything to help you heal. Yes, I realize this is the first beta that the reduced talent trees have been released but so far I'm not liking what I'm seeing. I play every available healer in the game (along with a myriad of dps) and the only tree that hasn't irked me is the resto shaman tree (although what happened to our spirit link )

    Also completely annoyed that there is no way to currently take inner focus as a holy priest (and speaking of priests if they were going to keep lolwell couldn't they have done something with it to make it not so completely stupid) - these new trees are homogenization at it's worst everything is pretty much laid out for you, take "almost" every damn talent in the tree to get to 31pts then you have some extra points that there really isn't much choice/creativity as to where to put them.

    I tend to stand behind Blizzards decisions and usually they end up "making it work" somehow, I only hope that there are some HUGE changes to these trees - i.e adding more talents but not expanding the trees beyond tier 7 so people have at least some variety in what they choose, i.e giving resto druids more than 5 pts in the first two tiers that have anything to do with healing.



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    /hug and thx for the hard work!

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    Removing the passive talents by removing the talents and the talent points...I don't see any point in this really.

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    I actually like the new talent trees. There are no bullshit filler talents that you are forced to spec into and every talent point feels well spent.

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    now, they can remove all talent tree and they can only let us choose spec... one button choice, it will be same as now

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    As a DK that is using Frost as DPS specc from time to time, I really don't see the reason to why I need to specc into Hungering Cold to get to Howling Blast?

    Or are they trying to make DK's some kind of a CCer aswell?

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    Wow, they removed Seal of Command ...

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    there is a bug in resto tree, it says that Nature's Swiftness requires Moonkin Form ;p

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    Talent trees looks nice. We back to WoW Classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamato View Post
    now, they can remove all talent tree and they can only let us choose spec... one button choice, it will be same as now
    Heck, that was exactly what i had in mind! mindless new specs for the win....

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    This is so no-brainer, using 31 talent points in a tree it's almost equal to take everythinng in it, missing 2 talents at most.

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    Aww, huge hugs for Boub! /hughug Thank you so much for putting in all that effort and for always working so hard to keep us updated.

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    (hug) You asked for it Boub ;],anyway's tallent tree's look good considering it's the first beta build

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    Quote Originally Posted by breath View Post
    This is so no-brainer, using 31 talent points in a tree it's almost equal to take everythinng in it, missing 2 talents at most.
    Yeah, and for example MM pve hunter have to take 'Careful Aim' (Crti chance on Aimed Shot if target is above 90% hp WOOO 1 hit with crit awesome) or take daze (Concussive barrage) / +dmg on dazed (Dazzled Prey). This means i have to waste talents cos i can't take any that will give me anything useful.
    I would prefer +30% crit dmg or 5% crit chance or 3% hit & pushback reducion, like it was before...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasz View Post
    Wow, they removed Seal of Command ...
    Seal of righteousness hits 2 extra targets now
    The black blood of Yogg'saron causes through me! I AM UNSTOPPALBLE!

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    With the new talent trees blizzard can finally set the PG rating down to about 5.

    Edit. Forgot to hug Bobu

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    Are we really mourning the loss of boring passive talents that you needed or else you were impotent and trap talents that no one took because they sucked?

    Now when we point in our very first point we feel like our specialization instead of needing to sink countless points into 5 rank passives in order to differentiate ourselves from the other trees.
    "Oh no! Now we'll actually feel like the spec we are the moment we invest our first talent point. This is terrible! Leveling won't be tedious and grueling. Now -anyone- will be able to reach 85... and perhaps even enjoy the experience of getting there! Bawwwwww. Leveling should be a trial! An ordeal! Only the most skilled and dedicated of us reach end game!"

    And now space in our trees isn't wasted on talents that no one specs into. What was the point of keeping them? Its bad game design to have talents that are significantly worse than other choices who only serve as a confusing pitfall to new players.
    "But it helps distinguish the good from the bads"
    It helps distinguish people who read third party sites where someone just tells them what to spec into from people who are new and think everything they need to know is in the game.
    Unless you personally did all the math out to find out which talents are best you have nothing to be elitist about. If you didn't have accounting nerds holding your hand you'd be just as bad as the people you're sticking your nose up at.

    It looks like they're working they're way towards bloated trees where all the talents are viewed as necessary but you don't have the points to get them all - which would be great, because that would be real choice.

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    yeah no hate on you for finding/posting this, but much much MUCH hate to blizzard. i could build better/more interesting trees than this black out, falling over, throwing up in my cup and drinking it again drunk.

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