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    Quote Originally Posted by Powershard View Post
    I knew it was a bad thing when I heard they were introducing 31 point talent trees.
    This only confirms my fears.
    I'd like to point out 1 obvious thing:
    The reason you level up in WoW is because you want to grow in power, is to have new abilities and have more talent points!
    By increasing level cap and cutting the number of talent points in half really cancels each other out.
    When I heard cataclysm was coming out I was excited for the new talent tree combinations I could make, such as having 51 point and 21 point talents at the same time and was imagining exciting situations where those could lead me in.

    Except that now Blizzard decided to kill those dreams.

    For christ's sake just leave level cap at 80 and give players who buy the expansion 5 new abilities and it is the same if you were leveling or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonoka View Post
    That is really just one reason written in diffrent ways. Except the x% passive thing. Which they even said will NOT be completley removed, just remove as much as possible. What should they fill it out with if you remove ALL passive % talents?
    not all, but most of them. For example my current ele spec is with 9 talents out of 19 with flat +% stuff to that or this, thats not, so far, what they promised

    And, there is lots of new abilitys.
    really? like where? again, based on Ele for example, it has in the tree 2 new talents. One of them is extremely situational spell, second one is sometimes slightly altering rotation, but doesnt really change anything from "cast LvB on CD"
    Ehm, when you say "5-6 diffrent elemental PvE" builds, you are probably just moving around the points that grant you iether manarege, increase dmg of your fire nova totem and reduce all dmg you take by x%.
    dont forget insta GW! point is, with cata talents, I can take all talents I want and not miss any interesting one or even remotely useful one, unless of course you like junk for ele like reverbation and elemental devastation.
    Doesn't change your gamestyle.. so, I assume you are in the BETA then, if not.. just shut it.
    I dont need to be rocket genius, when I see talent tree and new skills, that the only difference between now and cata would be macroed unleash weapon to LvB cast
    And the thing about feedback, constructive criticism.. really? Do you think they give a damn about what is said here? They want feedback on the official forums. And also.. 80% of people just saying "New talent trees are useless!", "WTF BLIZZARD", "brb, warhammer", "new talent trees are shit", "new talents suck".. THAT IS NOT FEEDBACK.
    As I pointed out, rants definitely wont help and I never said, that constructive feedback HERE is read by developers, I was talking in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille
    I need a giant hug
    It's far from giant, but it's all I can give

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    Blizzard said they wanted to people to be able to chose their own talents and have fun with them, but most of the current ret talents are a must making us expend 37 talent points in 1 tree :S to maximize dps

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    I'm waiting for the next revision, or access to beta myself to give feedback. From my own perspective as a frost DK:

    6 points for DW, 3 for 2-hander,
    Hungering Cold needed for Howling Blast,
    Increased *passive* icy touch damage,
    Increased *passive* obliterate damage,
    Increased *passive* damage for Imp Frost Presence
    Increased RP generation from chill of the grave when there's already a mastery for increased RP generation

    does not seem to fit in with what they had us believing was their intention of removing passive dps increase, and leaving only 'fun' talents

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    Look at Azshara! Horde symbol! D:

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    Elemental Lord Spl4sh3r's Avatar
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    Survival Hunters have the worst talent tree ever....atleast for now when we don't know how to put points :P even though its still in the beta

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    I think the WoW Community takes the information you provide for granted, without realizing how much work it is, but without you, we'd all be in the dark about many of the changes effecting our classes. And I wouldn't have anything to do at work when I get bored >.> Even if not everyone understands how much work it is, we still appreciate all that you do to bring us information and keep us up to date on all the goings on.

    /gianthugforBoub <3

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    Hunter : Go for the Throat - there is no difference between 1/2 and 2/2 - both returning 3 energy
    should be more like 3/6 energy or something

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    /hugz boub u are the best

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    Vanilla WoW 2005:
    • You needed knowledge to build good talent trees.
    • You had to be social to be able to make like a 40 man raiding party.
    • You had to work for your epic gear and to maintain PvP title such as High Warlord.
    • You were afraid while leveling with certain classes since the PvP balance was not made for 1v1 yet skilled players had chance of winning even if underpowered and victory in those situations meant more.
    • The game was harder and required to use your own brains.

    Cataclysm 2010:
    • You don't need any knowledge to build good talent trees.
    • You don't need to be social nor speak english to make it up to a instance running party.
    • You no longer need to work for your epic gear or PvP title since there are none.
    • You don't need to be afraid of dying in world PvP because epic gear has been normalized and people doesn't "gank" anymore because its like fighting a clone and not a little girl.
    • The game is easy now because everything is automatized. No need to even read quest description, just look in the map and walk there to do the same job as always, either kill loads or click an activator.

    I'm surprised devs doesn't realize this.
    They changed them at some part of the development?
    I bet that in the next expansion after cataclysm they replace players with bots since everyone is leaving so that there is a feeling of MMO instead of internet singleplayer.
    Last edited by Powershard; 2010-07-14 at 01:41 PM.

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    I think the people talking about being "forced" to take "useless" talents (by which I assume they mean survival or utility talents) to get to the "useful" (ie DPS-increasing) ones haven't properly understood what the point of these new trees is.

    If you thought you were going to be making choices between different DPS-increasing talents, you were wrong. As a blue post said recently, there is no choice when a DPS-increasing talent is involved. If you're choosing between a DPS-increase and survivability or utility, DPS wins every time. If you have to choose between two DPS-increasing talents, someone at EJ has calculated which one is better, so there's no choice there either.

    The choice they've between talking about introducing is the choice between those so-called "useless" talents. That point in the talent tree where you can't get anything that's a direct damage upgrade, and you have to pick something else instead is the only time when you can actually choose, instead of being forced to maximise your DPS.

    You'll just have to let go of the idea that any talent that doesn't directly increase your damage is "wasted". You should want to take more survivability talents in Cataclysm anyway, since healers will be in much greater danger of running out of mana, and anything that helps them heal less is going to be valuable.

    If you still don't like the talent trees after having understood what the point of them is, that's fine. Some people clearly don't have a clue about what's going on and are just mindlessly whining, though.

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    1) People are complaining as if you had a real choice in talents before. You didn't. You could have 1000 talent points, and there would still be a "best spec" that would be required to be competitive.

    2) People are complaining about "missing" abilities like Icy Talons, Penance, etc. Read the damn spec descriptions. You get them.

    3) Beta is beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laserfloyd View Post
    Wait for it...
    WAIT for it . . .


    I like what I see so far.
    And it is the reason why the error of their ways must be brought forth before they make the mistakes live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laserfloyd View Post
    Wait for it...
    WAIT for it . . .

    I like what I see so far.
    I like you.
    "Like it's MY fault some BIG dragon knocked me into a cave full of LITTLE dragons!"
    Quote Originally Posted by Paperweight View Post
    The community didn't go down the shitter because of the LFG system, the LFG system just introduced you to the shitty community in a horribly effective way.

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    So basically blizz is taking away all customization on some fun talents and promise us that all specs will be viable? YEAH, RIGHT.

    On the other hand, i bet they will be viable in solo pve questing

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    I agree with LaserFloyd, but the trees still suck...
    If they stay this way, we could just have ONE choice at level 10 scrap the talent tree and just add those as passive abilities at different levels you get automatically, and add the active ones to the trainers (which you can only learn if you have the chosen spec).

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    Inspired Judgement - Your Judgement spell also heals your Beacon of Light target for 50/100% of the damage caused.

    Nice little thing for Holy, looks like we'll be judging every time it's off cooldown whenever we have beacon up.

    Although there are a few changes which I'm not so sure about... Namely with Judgements of the Pure and Divine Illumination. Judgements of the Pure, being only a 3-point talent now, gives 6% less haste overall, while Divine Illumination gives 30% crit chance instead of the current 50% mana reduction. I've never been much of a spreadsheet and statistics player, so I'm not sure how we'll be affected. The Illumination change is mostly what's worrying me.

    One more change I'm confused about is Enlightened Judgements. Currently, it gives a flat 4% chance to hit so your Judgements and melee hits don't miss. That's been changed to give hit rating equal to 50/100% of your Spirit from items or effects.

    Does this include base Spirit?

    Does this mean if I have, say, 1200 Spirit, I'll have 1200 hit rating as well?

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