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    So no more DK Life shield? /sadpanda

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    I do not like the new talent trees. The talent boxes themselves are nice, but the overall size too much like vanilla WoW (which sucked).
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    Quote Originally Posted by TankGoat View Post
    So no more DK Life shield? /sadpanda
    The new talents if you read them in blood, there's so much health regen you won't need it.

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    i don't know if anyone asked this already but did those 3 spec specific bonuses just disappeared (you know, Ranged Damage, Ranged Critical Damage and Elemental Damage for a survival hunter for example)?
    were they replaced by those bonuses?
    what is the mastery stat going to affect now?

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    Blizzard's artists are so cool, too bad they have to deal with that crappy graphical engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerjesus View Post
    The new talents if you read them in blood, there's so much health regen you won't need it.
    I hope so. The current DK tank problem are the incoming burst dmg, and Bz threw the life shield at us and told us that will fix the problem along with DS overhealing. We can just hope the cata health pool are really REALLY large for that purpose

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    So, who else is predicting there will be addons where it detects your class, and you choose 'PvE' or 'PvP' and it just automatically does your build for you? And if you aren't max level, it puts your points in for you as you ding! Oh boy...

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    Noooo!!!!!!!!!!! I love tanking frost!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm sure these are going to change a lot. I mean, they have to... right?

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    Every single one of those models use, again, already existing animations.

    Would it fucking kill them to do at least one new animation every once in a while?

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    I thought Tolvir were supposed to be cat people ???

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    Didn't Blizz say they didn't want to give Felguard to demo early?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerjesus View Post
    Quit if you don't like it, there was never really choice anyways and if any of you think there was then your easily distracted by colors. I for one think its fine and locking people to 1 tree is so that they don't abuse getting abilities that make them retarded OP in PvP. Deal with it.
    I disagree with your tone, but I agree with your points. The new design solves a lot of issues, but not all. I think that they'd be better off adding a 4th generic tree with utility talents that any specialization could take. You could even just copy talents from other classes if they fit appropriately i.e. buff to STA, Mana or CC reduction, speed boosts etc. Blizzard keeps fighting talent overlap when they really don't need to.

    Also, in my experience, I've found that it takes about 4-6 months to fix non-game breaking bugs and between 2 and 3 years to address current design problems in the game (look how long it took to iterate through all the meeting stone design problems). In the end, I would expect the new talent design to stick though, so if it's really a deal breaker, people should quit and find another game to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thd0710 View Post
    Didn't Blizz say they didn't want to give Felguard to demo early?
    yep, seems like the one hand doesn't know what the other does or says

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenX View Post
    Is it only me or there is another place in between Uldum and Silithus which is by the coast that actually corresponds to the place of Ahn'Qiraj?
    It's Ahn'qiraj. It would be interesting to know, what you'll find if you fly into this outside instaces like ZG,AQ or ZF. An empty zone? Mobs?
    Healing noobs'n'pros since 2005.

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    you can tell on the Tol'vir that those are masks because there is a face clipping through. The model is by no means complete, the mask will probably be brought down and moved forward

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    You're probably right, cogzwell. If you look closely you can see that their ankleguards are just floating there in space, as well as their lower back armor, which is hovering slightly over where it would normally go. Blizzard probably hasn't properly aligned the armor attachments yet, is all.

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    Any idea what that weird thing off the coast of Dun Morogh is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by one_entity View Post
    Any idea what that weird thing off the coast of Dun Morogh is?

    Thats Vashj'ir, the new underwater zone(or rather mini continents, since there are 3 zones in one zone, with diffrent maps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powershard View Post
    Vanilla WoW 2005:
    • You needed knowledge to build good talent trees.
    • You had to be social to be able to make like a 40 man raiding party.
    • You had to work for your epic gear and to maintain PvP title such as High Warlord.
    • You were afraid while leveling with certain classes since the PvP balance was not made for 1v1 yet skilled players had chance of winning even if underpowered and victory in those situations meant more.
    • The game was harder and required to use your own brains.

    Cataclysm 2010:
    • You don't need any knowledge to build good talent trees.
    • You don't need to be social nor speak english to make it up to a instance running party.
    • You no longer need to work for your epic gear or PvP title since there are none.
    • You don't need to be afraid of dying in world PvP because epic gear has been normalized and people doesn't "gank" anymore because its like fighting a clone and not a little girl.
    • The game is easy now because everything is automatized. No need to even read quest description, just look in the map and walk there to do the same job as always, either kill loads or click an activator.

    I'm surprised devs doesn't realize this.
    They changed them at some part of the development?
    I bet that in the next expansion after cataclysm they replace players with bots since everyone is leaving so that there is a feeling of MMO instead of internet singleplayer.
    Agree on comparison.
    Im old player and have feeling that this game is going in direction of some new generation of wow gamers.
    Feel sad cause of that but i cant change things so ill maybe pass this expansion and try to find some new mmo home.

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    I liked the new talents a lot. A little more work there, and it will be awesome. Can't wait for cata to come!

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