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    Compilation: Profession Lists

    Current build: 12759

    Some of this stuff comes up pretty frequently, so adding an easy-to-find link for sourcing:
    Ghostcrawler regarding Professions in Cataclysm
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    inscription link doesnt work thou

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    Quote Originally Posted by georgevonfranken View Post
    inscription link doesnt work thou
    That's because it hasn't been implemented (that I know of).

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    Nice and stuck. All up top and such.

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    Here's some stuff that could possibly be Inscription-related, judging by their categorization (Trade Goods instead of Quest) and icons:

    The images link directly to the Item ID, so it'll be easier to check up on this after future builds.

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    Not seeing a lot of changes with Build 12539.

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    Hope to see more info on engineering in the next build good job LND

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    Just wanted to say that you've done an absolutely marvelous job with the Profession threads Loop Not Defined. Keep up the good work.

    Also you may want to add:

    •Synapse Springs - Permanently attaches synapse springs to a pair of gloves, allowing a skilled engineer to increase their Intellect by 240 for 12 sec. The gloves can only be activated every minute.(5 sec cast) Replaces Gnome-Matic Phase Fingers.
    •Hyperspeed Accelerators - Haste down to 240 from 340.

    And since I didn't see a thread on Herbalism:

    •Lifeblood - Uses your skill in Herbalism to absorb energy and nutrients from the earth, instantly healing minor wounds and granting 480 haste rating for 20 sec. Can be used while stealthed or invisible.(20 sec duration, Instant cast, 2 min cooldown, Haste rating increased by 480.)

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    Oh man, wtb some glyphs already blizzard. Keep up the good fight loop =D

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    Thanks for constantly keeping this updated LND. Brilliant work.

    For some reason I am more interested in the profession changes than anything else about Cata.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loop not defined View Post
    Not seeing a lot of changes with Build 12539.
    Thank you for keeping these up to date; now I know what to pre-pare for...

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    I should mention that when a profession says it was last updated a couple builds ago (like Leatherworking last being updated during 12319), it doesn't mean I haven't looked into it after newer builds. Just means I haven't seen anything requiring updating.

    Still need to make some minor changes and add the stuff Lebeau pointed out, though. :O

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    Uhhhh, what the hell? Why does Boub's links work and mine don't? They're pointing to the same items. Hmmm....

    EDIT: I figured out how to update the links. I got to get to work now, though, so I'll fix what is fixable tonight and over the weekend.
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    Loop are you no longer updating these lists? Please do!

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    I've just been taking a bit of a break to work on some alts. Profession stuff is slowing down, so I'll try to clean up some things since it shouldn't be too time consuming now.
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    Nice compilation here sir!
    Former raider of Accession [US-Stormreaver]

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    LND = Legend. Thx mate, v.helpful in trying to start plotting my long-term plans for cata progression! =D

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    Thanks for the infromation was wondering when there going to release the infromation regarding archeology

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    Is there any official information on crafting epics and rare giving more skill ups than uncommon and common gear? Haven't heard anything recent or how it works.

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