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    [Cata] Level as prot?

    Hi there,
    I was wondering, with the recent changes to the talent trees, if it would make sense to level a warrior as prot (given that you have to stick with the tree if you do not want to respec).
    I want to play a prot tank in cataclysm anyway but I'm not sure if going prot for the leveling process makes sense. I looked at the talent trees a little bit and to me it seems relativley OK. Surely not as good/convenient to level as arms or fury, but not horribly broken either. I don't mind a spec that is not the best for levling (i have leveled a holy priest once as well and kinda enyoed it) but I dont' want to stick with something that is not viable in any way either.
    So what do you think? Is prot leveling an option to consider? (I would also go for prot because I have never tanked before and I would welcome the change of perspective and playstyle in dungeons, I'm a willing learner )

    I also built a prot talent spec that would be (in my eyes, i'm not a warrior specialist) "good", but I would rather hear other peoples opinons first.
    So please feel free to say what you think.
    Thanks in advance.

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    If you have good gear I found prot tons faster to level when wotlk was released. You'll have near 0 down time with your high mitigation, and soloing elites and harder quest are tons easier. Yet they are adding a healing component to victory rush, so other specs might have the upper hand this go around with quicker kill speeds.

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    If you're leveling from 80 to 85, go with whatever you have the gear and the gumption for.

    If you're talking about 1 to whenever you get your 31st talent point, well, whatever you have the gear for really. Pretty much with these new talent trees it's going to make it so once you hit level 10 you'll be right in the middle of the action and feel pretty powerful. You'll have a signature attack and very little down time.

    Although with LK they pretty much removed almost all your down time anyway and the only thing that keeps me from leveling alts is that I'm bored with all the same quests and old-world dungeons are often brutally long and boring.

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    Good gear would equal Heirlooms for me (which i luckily have! sadly theres no BoA shield ...), i was talking about a fresh character
    still manageable in the low level regions?

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    im going to be leveling my warrior prot, because I'm leveling with a warlock who loves to aoe pull, and i hate not being able to tank in the dungeon queues (yes i realize you don't "need" to be prot to tank low level dungeons, but i dont see why i shouldnt be conisdering the perviously mentioned aoe pulling.)

    victory rush change makes me a little sad though...
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    If [the dps] are on the wrong target, then they are playing badly and should be corrected and / or mocked, depending on how you roll.

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    Oh well, a 20% heal should be worth a quick stance dance or not?

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    Use the heirloom mace. And yes, you'll be fine leveling up as Prot, like I said all the level 10 "freebies" are pretty much going to make any class feel more powerful and fun to play at 10 compared to where they are now.

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    I've got a friend on the Beta, told me than lvling as a War prot in Cataclysm is as fast as you could possibly hope. Pull the entire zone, pop SB, AOE down, profit.

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