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    Sigh...I know it gets thrown around too much, but ignorant fanboy is ignorant. Those three you listed aren't even in the same league as Medivh. To finish the comparison, Medivh is in the NFL and the three you listed are on the JV high school football team.

    It could be argued that Thrall might make the Varsity high school team, but even still.
    Grom is College, like......UCLA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voltair View Post
    Grom is College, like......UCLA
    Upsetting the big name dudes like Arthas?

    I had to get that shot in there. I hate the Longhorns. Then again, at least Texas is ranked. My Cougars will not be ranked until Paul Wulff gets the f*ck out.
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    Most badass of the badasses

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    For the next one, I strongly recommend including Alexandros Mograine and omitting all blatantly op heroes.

    For some reason, everyone thinks Deathwing is the be-all-end-all. Even though this is FAR from the truth (LK would whup his ass lore-wise), just don't include either, nor Medivh, probably the single strongest being in all of Azeroth.

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    Time to ressurect this thread from the dead for no appearnt reason...*poof*

    That being said ya...Medivh=OP
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    gharld fu cked name,all my friends are playing on this patch and its going fine,u fu cking ugly kid go comment ur mother face not here, morron shit.
    He's right. I should go comment my mother face.

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    Man they should of put Dora in the tournament. He would of kicked ass or flew away.
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    for the next season, i still think you should recycle a lot of the people. Just create different matchups, only removed the final four so we don't end up with the same final matchup. Just a thought

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    I wish thrall won. He deserved it

    but Medivh is just too OP -.-

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    Bumping this WTB a new season. I miss the fanboys war these fights caused, and it was interesting to see how much lore some people actually know.

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    do another one

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    bump for new season

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