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    Amazing. I wonder if the mass rez really has the unlimted range. Meaning If a guildy of mine died while leveling and didn't want to run back to his corpse if he could simply invite me to group and have me mass Rez him... Hm..
    Keep in mind that, typically rezzing someone puts them where the person rezzing them is located. :P

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    Well, I can easily see them at some point in the future making Guild Housing a possible reward from the guild leveling/perks system. Looking good -- the Bountiful Bags perk is exceptionally interesting. Imagine harvesting those Pure Saronite veins in Ulduar with that perk.... 8)
    This would definitely make me a happy panda. I've been talking about wanting Guild Houses foreeeeever. Would be cool to be able to have spots for all those random knick-knacks we get, too... like slots for them or something to decorate said houses. :P

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    Guild perks

    Quote Originally Posted by Doomspirit View Post
    omfg, this is gonna be insane.
    Especially the guild bank money, mass rez, mass summon.
    I just have one question, or maybe a few but; what is going to happen to all the gold already in the guild bank, and if we have titles assigned to us as guild officers, regular members and alts with different guild perks depending on rank, what is going to happen to those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowIceAvian View Post
    go try leveling a character right now 1-80 with NO heirlooms at all.
    I LoL'd.

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    I guess I have to give up on real life and devote all my life to WoW so I can be in a guild full of virgins and have an equal chance at the perks. Thanks Blizz. This is the beginning of the end of WoW. Can't wait for The Old Republic to come out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chorx View Post
    Wow, imagine a pally with Aura mastery, Crusaders aura, 310%, and mount up...
    None of those stack. So imagine, 330% is max still. Yay.

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    PS you guys are nerds. Guild officer titles *sniffle*. Fatasses.

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    Bank Guilds

    What if you have your own guild, that you use to mail things to your alts, and store things in... How do you get rep with yourself? I wonder how that will work.

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    Lol ok sure this might be good but people saying other mmo´s copy wow now is proven to be false. This Actualy is COPY&PASTE of Age of Conans Guild Leveling . Blizzard sure dont have any creative ideas at all anymore. they had but ye its lost now

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    Age of Conan copied almost everything from WoW though along with almost every other MMO that has come out since WoW. If its a good idea its a good idea. Its not "stealing it", its learning what works and improving what you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergal View Post
    WOLTK Heroics were never, ever, hard.
    Please allow me to introduce you to all the players who shed bitter tears at having to ask more geared players to let them piggyback on the cleared Heroic Gun'drak ID just so they could get to the Elder for the meta-achievement last year (before Blizzard moved the elder from Eck's chamber to a spot accessible to non-Heroic groups).
    Originally Posted by Daeleht (Blue Tracker)
    Post constructively
    or I'll press some different buttons next time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Banzhe View Post
    ...I buy an mmo-rpg I expect varying content with social interaction at the heart of it,
    not a twisted version of Diablo meets facebook!
    Perfect summations of my feelings on CRZ - why I want to like it but can't.

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