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    Mini-pet macro

    Wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to work a macro so that you can ensure that a specific mini pet is always out, first click will summon a pet if a pet is not out but when you click it again it wont desummon the pet. I tried searching for a macro that sort of works like the /cast !Aura or /cancelaura /cast aura macros but can't seem to find anything. Can confirm that /cast !Egbert for example doesn't work

    Appreciate any help/insight on this.

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    /run for i=1, GetNumCompanions("CRITTER") do if (select(2, GetCompanionInfo("CRITTER",i))) == "Baby Blizzard Bear" and not (select(5,GetCompanionInfo("CRITTER", i))) then CallCompanion("CRITTER", i) end end
    Replace pet name.
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    Thanks a lot works perfectly

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