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    berserking can also be used to dispel someone much faster than normal, normally what i use it for second to putting up faster dots

    Troll all the way, i like how they look (something about troll Spriests i dont know why but i love how they look in shadowform), zerking is pro, and da voodoo shuffle can be pretty sweet for kiting...

    undead is second because i love undead

    BE's are gay and whoever says aoe silence is pointless, shut up and stop being bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tivun View Post
    In BG's i do think it has a nice outcome but i don't know if its used that much compared to other racials like berserking and arcane torrent in Arena... You want to spare your trinket and this also goes for will of the forsaken, please share your experience with this.
    I know I personally use it A LOT in BGs and world pvp more than I use torrent when I'm on one of my BEs other than to silence a healer who is in midcast and nearly dead or zerking on my trolls other than when I pop dps CDs which are already macro'd together.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elessa View Post
    If you time Berserking with bloodlust, haste pot and engineering gloves your dots will pretty much instagib someone.
    This assumes you have a shaman near you that pops BL while your pot CD and gloves CD are up and assumes you are not doing arena because you can't pot in arena. Also wasting a haste pot makes it so you can't use a healing pot in those emergency times when you have multiple people on you.

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