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    iPhone Gaming: Tilt to Live

    I don't know if this thread could turn out to be a thread about iPhone gaming, about the (awesome) game Tilt to Live or if there will be any replies at all, but I just feel like I have to share this game.

    Tilt to Live

    How do you play Tilt to Live? Just pick that bad boy up and tilt. Tilt for your life! Lure relentless red foes over to a handy, dandy nuke orb, then ram it and blow the bajeezes out of them. Think you can exterminate your enemies faster than they can multiply? Think again.

    Inspired by Geometry Wars' Pacifism mode, developed by an american duo under the name One Man Left Studios. Tilt to Live has a very simple concept but a very deep gameplay. Playing as an arrow, your goal is to avoid and kill hordes of red dots by tilting your iDevice and picking up weapons. Dots either spawn randomly and chase you, or they spawn in formations sliding over the screen. One touch from any of the dots and you're no more. The longer you survive, the more and faster dots spawn. You gain points by killing dots and multiply your score by killing dots back-to-back in long combos.

    I won't go ahead and write a full-length review of the game; I'll just link Touch Arcade's review. I will, however, mention that One Man Left Studios has put a lot of love to this game. The music is amazing, the graphics are great, the gameplay is smooth. Best of all may be the amount of humor put into the achievements, loading screens and the general concept. The $1.99 I spent to get this game where probably the best spent two bucks ever.

    Click here for YouTube. Do it. It's damn worth it.

    Reasons to get it:
    * It's hilarious.
    * It's awesome.
    * It's thrilling.
    * It's fun.
    * It's cheap.

    Did I also mention the four game modes (counting the upcoming Frostbite-mode) with complete leaderboards that tracks you, your friends and shows scores per location? You can see the top scores in your town, in your province, in your country or worldwide. If you own an iPhone but don't own this game, you should get it asap.

    Please click this link to the iTunes Store now. The link is a bit longer than what's really necessary, but it's more difficult to miss a link this long so hopefully more people click it.

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    Bumping to say I'll personally write a letter of admiration to anyone who can beat my score of 34.545.323 in Classic mode! :-)

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    .. Aww it's not possible to bump when I was the last one who posted something..
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    dis thred bumbable yet?

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    Giving it one last try. :-)

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    this is a fun game , nearly missed my train home from uni because i was playing it so much, and wow that's a nice high score in classic, mine is only 376,745.
    what about the others?, my top scores are:
    code red: 43,551
    gauntlet: 2:17 mins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ari View Post
    this is a fun game , nearly missed my train home from uni because i was playing it so much, and wow that's a nice high score in classic, mine is only 376,745.
    what about the others?, my top scores are:
    code red: 43,551
    gauntlet: 2:17 mins
    Woah-ta-ta, someone actually answered? :-)

    My scores are currently:

    Classic mode 34,545,323
    Code red 14,291,758
    Gauntlet 11:38

    And I'm eagerly awaiting the new game mode Frostbite that'll come with the upcoming new version. Add me as a friend on Agon, it's great fun keeping track of other players you know! My nick is 'kasperrro'.

    Oh and a tip for getting better scores... Pay attention to the bottom of the screen, you see the combo bar rising while you kill dots? Try to get high combos, they increase your score a lot. You lose combo if you don't kill a dot every second or so, so time those nukes well!
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    i actually play this while at the gym lol, nearly beat my high score but then got hit

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    beat my high score while on the bike, trippled it infact

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    i don't think phones should be made for gaming.. however, at the going rate, imagine where (hand-held devices in general) will be in like 5 yrs... ur ipod/iphone/netbook/ipad POS/paper n pencil will all be one singular device... running most likely an octi-core 6.4 ghz processor and some kind of crazy OS boasting a PAE kernel and 16 gb of ram...

    hell, look where they came from.. the CAR PHONE that was basically the size of one's passenger seat..

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