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    Custom Visibility Condition

    After searching google/wowinterface and mmoc (search disabled? O.o) I need your help!
    Or I kindly ask for your help ..

    I'm redoing my UI and I want to adjust when I see my action bars and when I don't.
    I've got bartender 4 and none of the predefined conditions apply to what I want.
    What I want is that my bars are only shown when I'm in a group or a raid. Combat and out of combat aren't good enough
    since I still need to conjure mana gems and that kind of stuff while I'm out of combat, but in a group.

    How do I do this? I was trying to find a guide on how to write custom conditions, but I failed to find one.
    I found this
    [grouparty,nogroup:raid][@raid6,noexists,group:raid] show;hide
    But it didn't help much.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    [group]show; hide
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    lol.. -.-
    that easy

    Thank you

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