o Druid
++ Feral Tank
++ Feral DPS

This UI is for feral druids only, and currently supports 1920x1080 and 1650x1050 resolutions.
It is still a work in progress, so feel free to leave comments.

If you are in search of extra info, or if you want to see the interface in action, please visit my homepage here

Download here. @ wowinterface

-- Power Auras explanation
o Small lightblue Cross @ topleft dothud
++ Icy Rage buff from trinket
o Small red Cross @ topmiddle dothud
++ Agile buff from idol
o Small lightblue Cross @ topright of dothud
++ Rage of the Fallen buff from trinket
o Small yellow fireball
++ Bloodlust
o Small white fireball
++ weapon enchant proc
o Right PlayerFrame fireball
++ Beserking
o Medium White Cross @ center dothud
++ Omen of Clarity
o Each debuff or buff has its one timer/icon
++ If the icon is present (except for while in bear and using barkskin / survival instincts / frenzied regeneration) then the buff or debuff is not currently active
++ Once buff or debuff is applied the timer starts
++ Faerie Fire is activated by any caster
++ Mangle activated by any caster
++++ trama tracking is currently bugged
++ The smaller number located to the left of lacerate equals stacks on the mob
o Outside damage increasing buffs
++ Tricks is displayed by the horizontal oval crosshairs (located center of the dothud)
++ Hysteria is displayed by the vertical oval crosshairs (located center of the dothud)

-- Action bars
o Controlled by Bartender4
++ 3 bars are located at the top of the screen and are only active from mouse over (36 slots)
++++ These bars switch page depending on your stance
++ 1 bar is located above minimap and contains gear swaps. only active from mouse over (4 slots)
o Controlled by Autobar
++ 1 bar located in the top right - active from mouse over
++++ Quick place to use flasks and food
++++ Professions links
++++ Quest items
++++ Hearthstone(s)

-- Unit Frames
o Controlled by Pitbull 4
++ All frames fade out 100% while OCC / Full
++ Debuffs only shown on target of target (for taunting off for stacks while tanking)
++ Threat bar located below Player
++ Player Focus and Focus Target of Target located above on left side of screen
++ Target and Target of Target located on right side of screen\
++ Player turns red when aggro aquired
++ Large raid icons
++ Combo point display
o Controlled by Grid 2
++ HoT timer
++++ Rejuv
++++ Regrowth
++++ Lifebloom (no stacks)
++++ Wild Growth
++ Shows debuffs
++++ Including all special raid debuffs from main and mini bosses
++++ Also shows dispellable debuffs
++ Tracks Mark of the Wild missing
++ Tracks innervate on any target from any caster
++ White boarder shows who has aggro

-- Boss Mods
++ Custom Sindragosa yell
++++ Yells Ice Tomb marks in stacking order for air phase
++ Custom Putricide yell
++++ Yells "Choaking Gas Bombs NOW!!!!" when putricide casts giving you time to run as soon as you see it
++ Set up for Melee DPS
++++ Timers for boss abilities that effect ranged are removed
++++ Timers for boss abilities that effect tanks are removed

Tips and tricks:

o If your general macros seem to have disappeared, copy the "macros_cache.txt" and "macros_cache.old" files from your backed up WTF folder
and paste them under "YOUR ACCOUNT NAME" folder.
Example General Macros Directory: ( "/World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/VICIOUSUI/macros_cache.txt" )
Example Character Specific Macros Directory: ( "/World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/VICIOUSUI/Smolderthorn/Piven/macros_cache.txt" )

o To modify power auras for your trinkets / enchant buffs type /powa
++ In the left pane click on buffs
++ You should modify the first three in the top row
++ Right click the first one in the list and modify Icy Rage to the buff of your choice
++ Repeat this step with the next two in the list modifying the buff in each to the one of your choice
++ You should also modify the middle icon on the second row - unless you luck for DBW is as bad as mine

Current addon list: ( Thank you to all the authors )

!BugGrabber + r152
ArkInventory + 3.02.47 BETA 23-15
AutoBar + 799
Bartender4 + 4.4.2-2-g3b02ee4
BloodQueen + 1.8
BugSack + r227
ButtonFacade + r325
Chinchilla + v2.1.3-5-g8cec316
Clique + r143
CowTip + v1.3.2
DoTimer + 4.4.1
DoubleWideTradeSkills + 0.2.01
DXE + v500
ErrorMonster + r86
FluidFrames + 2.3.30100
GearScore + 3.1.17
GhostPulse3 + 3.0.16
Grid2 + r523
Grid2StatusAuraGroup + r68
kgPanels + 1.5.2
LitePanels + 30300.2
LiteStats + 0.9.10a
MagicMarker + r159
Mapster + 1.3.9
Parrot + 1.10.17-8-g5a54943
PitBull4 + v4.0.0-beta10
PowerAuras + 3.0.0J
Prat-3.0 + 3.3.22
Quartz + 3.0.3
RatingBuster + r285
Reflux + r47
SharedMedia + r178
SharedMediaAdditionalFonts + 1.0.4
Skada + r300
SpamThrottle + 1.4
TidyPlates + 5.12 b11
TradeTabs + 1.7
WIM + 3.3.5