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    I can't wait to see what happens in the next few months, this can only be good for the news posts I come here daily to see. I'm sure people will complain about how Curse allegedly caused 9/11, and how Curse was behind the BP oil spill ect. but are those things so bad? We are going to get better news posts and the site will work when patches come out, who cares about the oilly birds!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lombra View Post
    Wowmatrix was bad (as in evil). If you don't know the whole story; shut up, if you do then you're stupid to take Wowmatrix' side.
    Nice try Curse representative.

    Well that means no more data-mining from Boub. You might aswell close the site now because blue-tracker is already on wow forums.

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    Does this mean you're moving to Cali?

    As long as the layout isn't anything like curse's, I don't see how this is a bad thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyLiaison View Post
    Curse owns World of Raids as well. Apparently you don't pay attention to anything on that site either.

    You sir, just won everything somebody could possibly win. And more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Direshadow View Post
    You got acquired by the same people who were accused of gold selling and stealing accounts through malicious software?

    Grats... I guess...
    Anyone can be accused of ANYTHING. Where exactly is the proof?

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    Impressive to see how Boub created this site when he was 19 (or 18, depending on the birthday)...all I was doing at 19 was wiping on C'Thun I guess ;|

    Quote Originally Posted by Lombra View Post
    Wowmatrix was bad (as in evil). If you don't know the whole story; shut up, if you do then you're stupid to take Wowmatrix' side.
    WoWMatrix was giving a better service, see -> site dedicated ONLY to addons, WITHOUT forums, news, facebook/twitter/social network links, discussions, video streamings, you simply get into the site, pressed a button and update your Addons, so that was faster and NOT PREMIUM SHIT than both Curse and Ace, so they willfully accused it to not add Author's names and Donate links on the addons. Wich was a lie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wasniahC View Post
    Curse, the guys who blocked wowmatrix from updating addons from it?
    Then pretty much just ignored wowmatrix when they tried to contact curse about it, saying they would be nonprofit?
    Yes, I can't see why from a business perspective that Curse wouldn't freely welcome a tool that allows you to access its bandwidth without ever viewing a single one of its adds. **ROLLS EYES!!!***

    If I see any "premium" shit up here I'm going to be damn pissed, as will many others, though I'm fairly confident you won't let that happen

    There is nothing wrong with "premium" tools. Most of the premium packages are under $3. Its not exactly a huge deal. If you feel you need it you get it, if you don't then you don't. If MMO-Champion did something like make blue tracker or the news page a premium tool it would basically kill the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plaits View Post
    Ads on Curse have sometimes maliciously taken advantage of Flash vulnerabilities, but that isn't Curse's fault and nor is it something that is a unique problem for Curse, it can happen on any site.
    Hence why you should use flash blocker. If you aren't using some sort of flash blocker in whatever client you are using then you have only yourself to blame.

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    Remember how Google started people! You would be crazy as a human being to turn down millions.

    All the top raid guilds and arena teams in WoW have sponsers now. For some, that pays the mortgage.

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    And with that, ads have been blocked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken_Silver View Post
    I don't know about the "horrors" of, but I'll end up believing them when I see them.
    Been using the site for 5 years, and as far as I can tell there are none. People just don't like large conglomerates. They somehow believe that Activision is destroying Blizzard although there is plenty of information about how bad Blizzard really was (especially to their employees) way before Activision actually got it.

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    MMO-champ to me was a nice site where stuff weren't as complicated and business-a-like like say curse own website. I hate their website and it makes me feel like i'm on some business site where all they really want is to strip me of my cash! I didn't like it one bit when wowmatrix got blocked by curse.

    I dont want to be a part of some big business network where my news flow is being controlled by some money hungry big industry. I dunno... This whole thing is giving me a VERY bad taste in my mouth...

    I dont think this will end well... Damn i feel heartbroken :'(
    Picture yourself your mom sold your ass off to some stranger.. a bit like that feeling.

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    Just keep in mind its we, the fan-base, that have made this site successful enough for Curse to buy it. If they go monkeying around with it to the point we no longer feel its relevant to our needs or too cumbersome or becomes pay-for-play, we'll move along and leave this place hanging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerend View Post
    Brb making worldofraids my home page =(
    World of Raids which is OWNED BY CURSE!!! You sir, are fail!

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    This makes me happy I use adblock plus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daez View Post
    Hence why you should use flash blocker. If you aren't using some sort of flash blocker in whatever client you are using then you have only yourself to blame.
    Honestly the dumbest reply on here so far. So you are meant to use a "flash blocker" because WE are to blame. So that means popular websites like Youtube should also be blocked. You sir are an idiot.

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    I'm not a Curse representative tyvm.

    Sure, you may think WoWMatrix provided a better service, but it outright leeched Curse's servers, while not giving anything in return. (running servers of those magnitudes costs money, as I'm sure you understand) Of course they did not want to cooperate with them after that. As far as I understand, it also modified addons sometimes. As an ignorant end user I don't expect you to care, but I hope you'll learn to do so.

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    way to sell out Boubouille. You ruined the site upgrading to VB, now you sold out to Curse. You're pathetic, absolutely pathetic. You used to break news and have great articles, then you became blizzards little lapdog, and now this? Way to ruin what used to be the #1 site on the internet for WoW related news. Now you're no better than the rest of them. A little lapdog thats sold out.

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