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    Actually if you look at both WorldofRaids and TankSpot, Curse has been mostly hands off as well. If anything MMO-C will gain more from the take-over than they were with MLG. You see these deals that Blizzard hands out, such as free passes to Blizzcon, Free Beta invites, special press events, etc. Curse gets to take part in those and they will be able to give some of those free-bes to MMO-C. MMO-C, because they were never part of the "Official Fansite" grouping, never got a chance to take part in those, only get stuff second-hand. If the management takover works out, we could very well see MMO-C become part of the "Official Fansite" listings and get stuff first hand.
    But if you look at Warhammer Alliance and Aionsource they completely changed both sites and in the case of Aionsource, they fired the original Owner/Creator/Admin and removed over half his staff. Everyone that I've ever talked to that's worked for Curse's lower levels says the same thing. They talk a cool game but in the end they're absolute control freaks who will not hesitate to remove anyone who doesn't assimilate.

  2. #542 is SO MUCH BETTER than curse , its not even funny.

    I tried curse , too intrusive.

    Real bummer about this site being bought out by that group , just means it will become hard to navigate , cost money , ie , stop being a place i will visit.

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    Curse acquired MMO-Champion? Sorry to hear that, you have my sympathy.

    Possibility of Premium MMO-Champion? Hahaha, oh wait, you're serious. Pathetic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arith View Post
    Actually, if you had any knowledge of the sites you just mentioned, (or even had just read the thread ffs) you would know that Tankspot is not owned by Curse, it is owned by ZAM, the company who also owns WoWhead, and Curses competition. Tankspot looks great because it is NOT run by Curse. WoR however, which you admit to frequenting in previous posts, looks exactly like the bloated, spammy, crap filled, cookie cutter layout that Curse uses on the majority of their sites. Also, quit talking out of your ass about things you know nothing about. MMOC will never become an official Blizzard fansite as long as datamining happens here, that is one of the main stipulations of being on that list, and if datamining doesnt persist here, the news will slow and people will go somewhere that it does. I hope Blizzard removes support for Curse as an official site since they have now acquired a datamining site.
    First - I was under the impression that Tankspot was part of the Curse group. Apparently I am wrong
    Second - I said I like WoR, I can see where the original poster; talked about there being some clutter; is coming from. I didn't agree to saying that the clutter is not fine. I like some of the layout that is on WoR. Yes some of the opionated items the poster talked about is a little unnerving, but not all of them. It is a better layout than some of WoR's previous versions:

    Aug 19 2006
    Mar 27 2007 Yellow and Orange

    Third - If the only reason MMO-C is not part of the Blizzard fansite is because of the datamining, then why is Wowhead still part of that group. They are into the datamining just as much as MMO-C is. Shoot they have a blog that features their 3-D Models. They use the newly released Cho'gal model as their main example (; Main difference, to me at least, is that MMO-C broke the NDA; later retracting all information until the NDA was lifted; when WoWhead did not.
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    Gratz and all... but, can we get on with new cataclysm news? That's why we originally came here.

    Or are you out on your new yacht today drinking bubbly?

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    LOL at Curse Empire = 25 employees passionate about MMO that want to try to create the best tools for mmo gamers and make a living out of it.... It's not that easy. Stop seeing big brother everywhere... Try and get hold of the people working at Curse instead of assuming it's just an "evil empire"...

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    Congrats Boub, I hope you and your staff can get back to reporting to us soon. It must be a relief that you might get less sleep at night due to goofing off in Cata, rather than kicking the site and swearing at it in impassioned french to stop breaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    I stopped linking wowhead in news posts more than a year ago I think. Glad you only notice now and didn't even read my news posts before that.

    Quoting my original post here : # You will never get "AWESOME NEW STUFF RELEASED! Click the link below to actually see the news", everything will stay on the front page, simple and clean.. That shit is annoying, won't happen on my site.
    I am somewhat relieve to hear this... heh still a bit pessimistic about what the outcome... longterm will bring. But that is still to be determined. Best of luck and keep bringing me that news *insert flagrant word here*!!!!

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    I've expected this for a while now.

    REALLLLLLY can't blame Boubille for selling up, the WoW bubble is going to pop pretty soon, he made the right move, gratz no doubt you are very rich now

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    PLEASE... let this Battle.Net maintenance have somethign to do with a buttload of Cata Beta invites going out shortly

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    Hate curse and soon to hate this site. But, money is money, and I would have sold out also.

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    Wait... the MLG girls... are they gone then? No... nooooo... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Feel free to PM me about any question you might have regarding LoL.
    Holy paladin

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    I'll admit I'm a little worried about it, but...

    "Ultimately, I just hope that after 3 years my readers trust me enough to know that I wouldn't do anything stupid for the site."

    Ok, I will give you that. You've earned it

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    lol guys, on the bottom! there are already cursed shitty links!
    that was fast

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    Is the main site PHP or VB? Just trying to figure out a rough estimate of how much it costs to keep this place operational.

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    What is up with blizzard, 25% of the time the maintenance gets extended and 75% of the time it its an hour or 2 late without them saying anything.

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    So with the new backing, what do you think the odds of adding a mobile site would be? maybe just for the front page so we could look up the news without taking forever to load?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joodoc View Post
    So with the new backing, what do you think the odds of adding a mobile site would be? maybe just for the front page so we could look up the news without taking forever to load?
    That'll be for MMO-Champion premium members.

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    I bet you're thrilled about changing servers again.

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    This is just like gamespot ruining gamefaqs all over again.

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