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    You make this sound like good news. I'm happy that you'll be working with a team, and hopefully you'll get paid for doing so. However, I don't like Curse and I'm sorry to see your site fall under their ownership. While every white knight is going to rush in to defend Curse's reputation, an add-on site that requires JavaScript enabled to just access a manual download speaks for itself.

    Did Curse just severely fail to reach the popularity of its more free-spirited competitors (e.g. your site,, and resorted to the stategy of buying out the competition? We've seen that story before, like Microsoft buying Hotmail and turning it into the largest piece of crap.

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    I think they need to update that list of server being down 24 hours to ALL.

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    the only major change we could do to boost the traffic is to offer Night Elf porn to the users, and I was told I can't do that.
    Aw, man! I was SO hoping for Night Elf porn!!!

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    Are the servers back up yet?

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    just as long as it doesn't cost me money, I am supportive of you. I hate how curse forced that premium stuff, i still use the free side, i just deal with the limitations, and non paying perks.

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    My only comment concerns Boub's honesty. He promised more time for Robo-Bunnies, so dammit, we better get more pix of biomechanical rodentia, that is all.

    pic of robo-bunny

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    They must have more than one authentication server. I see no reason to not stage maintenance on those so only a few are down at a time, work out the big issues, get a fix, then get the others maintained in a faster time period. It's stupid to have this much down time on log ins for a login that a bunch of their games are going to be on now.

    Steam has no issues with this on a constant basis, and that's because they run things on a cloud: and do it right. They really need to get their act together with maintenance. Steam does it right. It's not that hard.

    I thought the whole point of a cloud was to make sure that even if some had to be taken down for maintenance the rest could be up. I understand the realm servers all at the same time, but accounts should be spread across multiple servers.

    Blizzard Fail

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    looks like servers are coming back online.

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    Curse is evil.

    WTB Decurse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainei View Post
    How about you actually post know, news? We know you sold like the sellout you are, we know you've destroyed what used to be a great site with this piece of shit VB that dosent even work right. So how about you get off your ass and actually put news on the front page? OH wait thats right, you sold to Curse and won't be in control of the site much longer, despite your "Soothing words". Wake up people, he sold you all out to a company that buys gold, supports guilds (Nihilium) that buy gold (SK gaming as well), and yet they dont get banned by the blizz TOS when they openly admit? Why? Because just like boub here, they're all little lapdogs. Next thing you'll hear is blizz buying curse.

    This place sucks now, thanks.
    LOL and Big Brother is actually the leader of Curse, am I right?

    Seriously, do people like you even think before they post? I would absolutely love to see you do the stuff he probably does every day to provide information to ungrateful gnats like you. I haven't even been around for the entirety of MMO-C's life, but I've been around long enough to trust that Boub knows what he's doing. After you're done nerd raging like a little kid, go try and make your own site if you think this place sucks so bad.

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    im not mad at you Boub im a long time viewer and posted some on different accounts. I just worry. 1st curse owns worldofraids, the only competition you ever had. ( use mmo-champion because I don't like the way worldofraids is done). whats to stop them from closing this site and telling everyone too bad go to worldofraids? also would be taken down as they already have a loot site that does the same thing ? im afraid when cata drops or sooner, its worldofraids ,curse, curses loot site, or you get nothing?

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    Why would they buy a site with a huge loyal player base and then close it?
    World of raids has its purpose, so does this site. Just like coca cola owns sprite, fanta, ... It doesn't simply get rid of other brands because it has cola.

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    I have been reading news on this site every day for over a year. And if things like "You need premium to get full access" will be added, then Im going to try find a other place. Hope this never happens tho because I love this site.

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    I'm an employee over at curse and id like to say in response to the person who said most employees at curse dont like the company that you couldnt be more wrong. Pretty much all of us are gamers, and want to continue to see cool new sites/tools for gamers, which we continue to produce. I go to mmo-c pretty much every day and will continue to do so, and when it runs better, and faster, and you dont have to pay for the content, you'll say thank you

    and to the people upset that we are going to start charging for content, what content is it that we charge you for now? because when i look at our premium page i only see that we charge for extra convenience with our services(faster speeds, no ads), a few perk features(addon sync, addon backup), and some extra giveaways.Obviously i cant say for certain what our future premium services might be, but if we continue on our current path, i dont see how anyone could expect we'd start charging for news or something ridiculous like that. Also, people seem to forget that a large portion of the money we get from premium goes back to the community. So more money to premium means more money to addon developers, who make the addons you know and love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanktanglia View Post
    .......and to the people upset that we are going to start charging for content, what content is it that we charge you for now? because when i look at our premium page i only see that we charge for extra convenience with our services(faster speeds, no ads).....
    Ah Curse will add ads all over the site? Like the anoying ones you have to pay to not see at

    "Ad-Free Experience
    No more annoying or intrusive ads."
    // From preium information

    I hope from the bottom of my heart that Curse not f*cks up this site.

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    What site doesn't have ads? Do you even know how much it costs to run a site that gets as much traffic as MMO-Champion? How much time it takes to make sure the site has up to date information?

    That's like going to a pawn shop and expecting them to pay retail for your stuff. If they do that, they'd be out of business. If we didn't at least show ads we wouldn't be able to pay for servers, or employees.

    Since it seems that most of you don't read the post in the first place I'll make it clear. We're not going to charge for the content your used to, that's not going to change. Curse last year gave back over $200,000 to the Addon developer community.

    We're going to do our best to help Boub run the site better then he could ever before.

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    Cusre owns WoWAce and the Curse Client updater was written from the ground up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtek View Post
    We're not going to charge for the content your used to, that's not going to change.
    ... until somebody on your end decides that there's entirely too much money to be made, and that will all go down the toilet.

    I'm well aware that ad revenue (and "premium" content) is how large websites make money - which is why, until today, I had an exception for MMO-Champion set up in Adblock and Flashblock. I'm also well aware of your business "strategy" of acquiring smaller (in terms of team - not necessarily visitors/content) and turning perfectly good websites into bloated messes.

    You got lucky that MLG sold you MMO-Champion, and lucky that Boub has such a loyal following. But, if anybody can fuck that up and engender ill-will with users, its Curse.

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    When it comes to MMO-Champion's future, I don't think you all have to worry about it. I'm pretty sure the owners over there at Curse aren't straight up batshit stupid as you think they are, mainly due to the fact that they bought the site in the first place.

    Besides, I'm pretty sure Boub is looking out for you all; if shit went south, he could/should jump ship pretty easily, open up a new site and continue what he was doing before. Only the community would more than likely follow in some sort of mass MMO exodus.

    I don't think you'll have anything to worry about. In regards to past transgressions with Curse, yeah, I can't comment; although I wouldn't recommend any staff sticking up for Curse quite yet. Not gonna get you very far with this lot, still reeling a bit after the RealID bullshit.

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    :E i thought MMO-Champ had more daily viewers/users than Curse

    all this makes me feel a bad way . _. ...

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