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    Good deal for MLG, WOW really has not many places to go but downhill so it's fair to assume that a site dedicated to only WOW can only follow the game to it's eventual (yet hopefully far off) fall from the throne.

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    Wow goes to show certain people don't like change at all whatsoever. Whenever something changes no matter what it is, it can be the most mundane useless change and there will always be people to complain, and not only complain, but complain with little to no valid reason to. It's just bad logic, slippery slope in this clase, and hasty generalization.

    Come on people the website was not even owned by Boubouille it was owned by MLG prior to this. It was then bought out by Curse. Things like this happen in businesses. Nothing to go crazy about. I'll offer my congrats here Boubouille and hope that this new merge works out for you well.

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    SO, um.. I hope mmo-champ wont become the same sluggish, overloaded with useless stuff and advertisement piece of crap as curse itself

    Well at least there will be no more annoying MLG stream banners..

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    @everyone whining. Stop it. This not for you decide and this is probably for the better of the website. This wasn't Boub's decision at all, this was MLG'S. Nobody is being sold out here, nothing is going to change but a few better updates for this website.
    *has a falcon-punch ready for anyone who dares*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stiffen View Post
    Can't wait to have those oh so delightful flash exploit filled ads all over my mmo-champ -_-. Thank god for noscript and adblocker.
    Yeap adblocker ftw but still its probably going to be the same as the MLG ads on the side and on the top.
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    I dont think BB would intentionally let something happen to MMO that he knew would ruin its reputation. I hope this is a turn for the best!

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    Huh. Okay. Why does Curse exactly think it'll somehow make them de-facto amazing for buying something?

    Frankly, I didn't know MLG "owned" the site. All I saw from them around here was one or few adds and that's it, I just figured they're frequent add-customers and since I, like on 99.99% sites completely and utterly ignore adds, it never crossed my mind to do anything for MLG/buy anything from them/etc.

    Oh well. Bottom line is, hope it doesn't change anything significant for the users. A forum for the add on requests/creators could be the only cool thing I can think of.

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    Well boub is rich and this site goes down the dumps - oh it won't be tomorrow or next week. But it will come, these entities don't buy sites to do nothing with them.

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    That came like a flash from a clear sky.

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    MLG's management and tech teams went through a lot of efforts to keep the site alive during its ridiculously fast growth, we're here today because of them.
    No, the site is here because of the viewers, if you didn't have anyone coming to the site, it wouldn't be what it is. It's ok, the users of the internet are resilient. If this change of ownership becomes some bullshit advertising play we'll find a new website. Grats though, enjoy your check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathmetalzf View Post
    @everyone whining. Stop it. This not for you decide and this is probably for the better of the website. This wasn't Boub's decision at all, this was MLG'S. Nobody is being sold out here, nothing is going to change but a few better updates for this website.
    *has a falcon-punch ready for anyone who dares*
    You do understand that the only reason this website exists is because of the readers, correct? So in a very real way, the long term health of this site *is* for us to decide, as the site can't make any money without any viewers.

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    I remember when MMO-Champion first came out ... I think.

    My guild and I used MMO-Champion to look up boss strategies back in TBC. It was better than any other site available at the time, mainly because every guide included pictures and a video. I never expected MMO-Champion to get as big as it did.

    Congratulations on the success Boub, you must have gotten a nice check; You probably got enough to retire on. I don't like Curse, never have. I'm not sure if I'll continue lurking MMO-Champion if things change too much.

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    Worst news I could have seen happen here.

    I wish you better luck than everything else they've touched has had.

    I can think of so many other, better places, ones that gave a damn about the game and players, not just machining everything into a bloated, over-done, ad-ware-laden, marketing-approved pile of tripe. Damn, damn, damn...

    "No, seriously. This change will hardly affect the users, we will see a lot of improvements on the site over the next few months (not immediately, we still have to move to new servers) and a lot of people will be working hard to make MMO-Champion a wonderful place filled with love and gnomes"

    Yeah...heard that before Curse got it's cash infusion/overlords, then they turned the site into something so full of 'features' that it turned into unusual crap and I gave up hosting my mods there. I dread going back the few times I have to every year. And at least it's still there; I still mourn the community-death that happened at wowace.

    It's nice to have things be just what they are without the hyper-integration, hyper-(useless)-features, hyperness. Curse...of all places...
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    I really hope these "improvements" are innocuous. I saw what happened when Curse went from a guild site to what it is today, and it was not pretty.

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    Last one out, Please turn Off The light.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carlos5577 View Post
    Alot of you say you hate curse but I bet at the same time you go over there to download the addons lol
    Only time I ever use curse is if there's an addon that isn't available elsewhere.
    99% of the time I use WoW Interface.

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    Quote Originally Posted by strossus001 View Post
    How long until Google buys Curse?
    pretty sure it's only a matter of time until activision buys curse.

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    man if host a very popular forums for Aion with a total threads count fo 145 ...i am an elephant ! (check aionsourse if u are looking for popular Aion forums)
    p.s. Activision buys all at the end haha ...just look what they have don't to WoW in past 1 year or so of scrubscraft where being stupid is definitely not and a disadvantage !
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    Only gnomes I wana see are the gnomes on a stick, that I'm dual wielding.

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