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    Guess the look of the site that everybody loves and the boy with breasts logo will be changed. Not to mention what some of the people above me already said.

    It's kinda like Activision and Blizzard or Edward Volger and House.

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    I don't like this.
    I've got a golden ticket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iselian View Post
    If you keep doin' what you're doin', Boub, you could be run by McDonald's for all I care.
    This. Still don't like curse tho...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunmist View Post

    Your name is Fabien Bonte?

    Quickly everyone! Check facebook!

    Is it sad that this was the very first thing I did? He's already one step ahead of us, got the Garfield picture up!

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    Heh now curse owns both mmo-champion and worldofraids. Kinda funny two of the major sources of wow news is both owned by curse. Lets hope that mmo-champion isn't pimped out like they have done to worldofraids with the blue comments and all the other extra stuff they have. The only feature I'd like to see added is a main page blue tracker widget like world of raids has so I can just see the recent stuff from the main page. That really is the only reason why I tend to visit world of raids cause I can get news + blue posts with out having to open another page right away.

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    Nice, congratulations on the new job, Bibi. And yay -- can't wait to see which direction this site goes from here! It only gets better from here!

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    a lot of people will be working hard to make MMO-Champion a wonderful place filled with love and gnomes
    Gnomes to kill i hope? Nothing better than killing some gnomes while waiting for the raid invites

    Anyway, im curious, for howmuch did mmo-c got sold? im rly curious howmuch it is worth :P

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    How long until Google buys Curse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunmist View Post

    Your name is Fabien Bonte?

    Quickly everyone! Check facebook!
    Way to be behind in times.

    Also... bum bum buuuuuuummmm.

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    Curse is the biggest shit site to ever hit the Internet.
    we will see a lot of improvements on the site over the next few months
    Like we need to pay for premium membership to read the news?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Direshadow View Post
    You got acquired by the same people who were accused of gold selling and stealing accounts through malicious software?

    Grats... I guess...
    Accusation != proof.

    Curse has never sold gold. Curse has never "stolen accounts" with "malicious software".

    Fake Curse clients have circulated around, but they're fakes used by hackers to phish.

    Ads on Curse have sometimes maliciously taken advantage of Flash vulnerabilities, but that isn't Curse's fault and nor is it something that is a unique problem for Curse, it can happen on any site.

    Check your facts please!

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    I will not congratulate you, Boubouille.
    I don't care what kind of financial situation you were in, but submitting yourself to the Curse Empire is not the way to go.
    If your visitors wanted to be apart of a Curse community, they would be visiting World of Raids.

    This will not end well for you Boubouille, this will undoubtedly change MMO-Champion for the worse.

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    I really really really hope 1) the design of the site doesn't change and 2) They do NOT NOT NOT try to push "Paid Premium Service!" on us.

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    I'm going to be pissed if Curse starts trying to make MMO part of their "premium" service.

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    doesn't Curse already own do they just want to monopolize WoW fansites?

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    The only thing to expect is just ads on the top and side of this site

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    Gratz on the money sir, well deserved.

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    If you're gonna attack curse for malware slipping through on their stuff then you need to remember it's happened to mmo champion too.

    I check both mmo champ and world of raids almost daily. The only real difference in terms of news is mmo champion has more on datamined info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pacifik View Post
    J'espère que tu restes avec nous Boubouille?
    Yes, he'll be staying.

    For now...

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