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    War for the wasteland. (closed SRP)

    Northrend: the frozen wastes.
    seas of ice, fields of death- all must be crossed to reach the ulimate goal.
    yet, so many have ventured to this far off land, that the follies of the old world seem to have been forgotten.
    Or perhaps they haven't...

    As armies, adventureres, knights and beserkers alike slowley trudge thier way through the snow, Lands have been left abandoned.
    Women and children unprotected.
    Sovriegnty not guarenteed.
    Now these lands are barren, empty.
    ready to be taken.

    NOW is the time to rise up.
    NOW is the time to create your empire!
    Loyalty to king and country can only go so far, when those that distrust the "majority" rebel, the only option is exile.
    But to what end.

    YOU are your own leader.
    YOU are the architect of your own fate!
    Take your forces, head out to these "wastelands"
    Make. Them. Yours.

    But empires need fuel.
    war machines don't run on nationalism and ethnocentricity.
    Tanks arent powered by good intentions OR greed.

    A large deposit of pyrite has been descovered in tanaris, in the ruins of an ancient troll city.
    Take your forces, get that pyrite.
    without it your empire is only an idea.
    with it your empire is a superpower.

    But you are not alone.
    Others have taken this opratunity to break free.
    some with intentions darker than you can ever comprehend.

    Skylar, The Twilight Shadow.
    Shan'do Ninsho Wisepaw, Wardancer and future Shodo-Pan.

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    The goblin steamer landed at Steamwheedle harbor and began unloading its cargo. Ryker's men lined up on the deck standing rank and file, shredders stomped down the cargo ramp and into the harbor. Ryker followed behind the shredders as his small army marched to Gadgetzan.

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    Arygos had been traveling for hours through the dense under-growth of the mystical Un-Goro crater. His men were weary but still enthusiastic in regards to the upcoming campaign; they were all doing this for the sake of magic and the blue dragonflight... Once the light started to dim, Arygos told his men to stop and rest for the night. Their trek had led them from a secret Alcove in feralas down through the barren hills to the south, on a mighty vessel towards the bug-land Silithis ( where Arygos was happy to see that a brave party of warriors had weakened C'thun to a state of lethargy) and then towards the seemingly prehistoric land that was Un'Goro.

    Here they were now, many days after their departure resting on the outskirts of the desert-land of Tanaris. The men needed rest and Arygos had obliged, knowing of the battles that were sure to come.*

    As he began to look around at the surrounding growth he started noticing something amiss; there had been a party of creatures that had passed here only an hour or so before them. Intrigued, Arygos decided to go investigate. He immediately changed from his gnome for into the mighty beast he truly was; a dragon. He spread his gargantuan leathery wings and, with a mighty roar, sprung into the air, his piercing eyes immediately spotting the fire from a well-organized camp a few leagues ahead of his troops.

    Sending a mental message to his brethren to inform them of his intentions, Arygos began flying towards the camp, his steady heartbeat dictating the pace of his wings
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    ((The Battlefield people : ))

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    They had traveled for several days, having taken a portal into the Un'Goro Crater, into the southern end of Tanaris.

    Though his army was fairly large, Morzath only brought the best of the best with him to this wasteland. Most of his troops were undead, but several of the sorcerers and captains were of other races, namely humans, elves, and a couple gnomes. Though he had some already, he needed more pyrite to be able to fufil his fairly new dream of a eutopic empire of magic.

    They had just recently set up camp when Morzath heard a distinct roar in the distance. The roar of a dragon. Surprised that a dragon would be out here, and even more surprised that it would be coming towards his camp. Walking from where he was sitting in the sun to the edge of the camp, he waited for the dragon to land

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    Arygos inspected the camp from above before spotting an opening with a single person on the edge of the clearance. Furthermore, Arygos felt a powerful magic emmenating from the humanoid; this peaked his curiosity and he descended towards the person.

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    The dragon, one of the blue flight Morzath saw now, began descending towards him. He continued to wait. Politeness was always important with such ancient beings.

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    Silas stood up. Off in the distance he saw a large Blue Dragon descending upon an area over in Un'Goro Crater unseen to him. He looked to his men and said, "There's a mighty Blue Drake there. Maybe he will be able to tell us what is happening here."
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    With a final gust of wind from beneath his huge wings, Arygos landed upon the clearing. Immediately his body began morphing, become smaller, losing it's beautiful azure tinge and fading to a light peachy color. A small gnome now stood where, moments ago, a leviathan had stood.

    Arygos then turned towards the figure, who he now saw was of the forsaken and waited for him to adress him.

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    Haha, not now.
    As the group of Demonhunters crossed over the hills, they saw a very large group of Forsaken with a few other races scattered about. "Shh!" Silus exclaimed. "We do not want to alarm them just yet."
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    (( man, slow down! Were not even in tanaris yet, still un'goro, and it's quite impossible to run as fast as what your saying no need to rush, all parts will come in due time))

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    Morzath sensed others here as well, but for now, he would leave them be.

    Bowing towards the dragon-gnome, Morzath said in a cordial, albeit seplucral voice, "Greetings to you, ancinet one. My name is Morzath Shadowpyre. I noticed you were interested in our encampment here. How might I be of service?"

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    ((Going to bed))

    Rykers men had passed through gadgetzan and picked up enough fuel to last the shredders until they reached their destination. Although they were holding a straight course for some time they lost track when a sandstorm of unmentionable proportions caused them to lose track. The troop went many miles off course into southern tanaris. By the time they found their bearings night began to approach and nothing could be seen except a faint light in the distance. Ryker rounded up ten of his bruisers and ten of his sharpshooters to check out the opposing camp.

    Ryker directed his sharpshooters to stay at the edge of camp and for his bruisers to accompany him. Ryker approached the camp. "YO! I came to speak with whoever's makin camp here, we come in peace."

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    ((just a SLIGHT issue here... the actual world is a LOT bigger than the zone in-game... it takes at least three days, I think, to go from Southshore to Capital City. If you're in Gadgetzan, there's no way you could reach my camp within a day :P))

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    Haha, not now.
    (( I just see you all, not right on you. Think of it like I was on the very edge of Tanaris and saw you out there.))
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    "I am Arygos, the magic-wielder son of Malygos the blue. I have come to ask you of the reason of your being here." Arygos proclaimed in a low gravely voice, which seemed out of place and much too powerful coming from such a small figure.

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    "I am here for the pyrite underneath Zul'Farrak. I have some already, however, if my goals are to be fufilled, then I will require more of the material."

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    "What would be this goals of yours, Morzath?" Arygos said, his eyes staring at his figure, as if trying to peer into his mind.

    He too was here for the pyrite, but best he learn of the others plan before unveiling his own...

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    "I wish to conquer the Eastern Kingdoms, and unite them in a utopic empire supported by magic. It would be like the city-state of Dalaran, but of the proportions of the old Arathor Empire. Human, undead, dwarf, gnome, elf, and perhaps even dragon could work together to unravel the mysteries of the Arcane, and those of the more pious persuasion could help us Forsaken with our malady. Once the world knows of our plight, I am confident that they will see us in a different light."

    Morzath said this in a strong voice. He was confident in his powers and judgement. If he had the resources, he had a high chance of success.

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    Arygos was genuinely surprised, he had not thought that this one saw... So clearly. A smile formed on the gnomes face as he laughed a pure, crystalline laugh. "You know how to convert a dragon of the blue to your cause, forsaken. I too am here for the pyrite for much the same purpose. I have brought with me a regiment of battle-hardy soldiers as well as a contingent of horses and supply. I propose that a truce be formed between us in order for us to attain our common goal. What say you?"
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