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    "As long as you do not mind a couple... dirty tricks, as well as some of the more darker varieties of magic, I will agree to this alliance."

    A slight pause...

    "You don't mind... yes?"

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    Arygos though about it for a moment, conferring with the 4 drakes that were listening from his encampment.
    "We agree to this. We have long since gotten over our prejudice or the darker arcane and try to see it's positive uses." Arygos said, his composure back.

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    "Ah. Very good... Well, in any case, the day is sweltering. If you would like, we can set a part of the camp aside for you and your troops. As well, if you wish to discuss this partnership and our respective troops in greater length, my tent is in the center of the camp."

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    "I shall be there as soon as I have informed my troops." Arygos said as wings were beginning to sprout from his back.

    Seeing as everything important had been said, Arygos turned and leapt into the air, completing his transformation after only his second wingbeat...

    (( 1;06 AM now it's time to sleep ))

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    Nodding to the figure, Morzath walked back into the camp, to inform his captians of the new allliance.

    After that, he retired to his tent, awaiting the dragon's return. The dragon had agreed to any of his little tricks, and that included his latest blight strain. With his new plague demolishers, and his new ally in the blue dragon, he would definately have the upper hand in this war.

    ((mmkah, mate. Gnite.))

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    As the Night Elven vessel docked at the Steamwheedle Port, the Draenei passengers stepped off. Grand Anchorite Aalena was the first to proceed, with parting off their "borrowed" mode of transport. With the raise of her hand, she signaled towards her assisting group of Grand Vindicators and Grand Andchorites, and they began gathering around. She began discussing with them the matters at hand.

    "We shall begin venturing towards the ruins now, for we cannot waste time. Velen has issued his orders, and he has forseen that we may have some... competition.", spoke Aalena, taking a slight pause, "However, we shall be meeting with the rest of the units at the nearby goblin town, Gadgetzan.". After issuing her orders, the rest of the Grand Vindicators and Anchorites returned to command her military force. They began venturing towards the goblin town, Gadgetzan, to meet up with further reinforcements. From there on, they shall venture to Zul'Farrak. Let us hope we do not experience any delays along the way, she mumbled to herself.

    Taking in her nearby environment, the sounds of the desert were quite non existent. Slight sounds, coming from nearby animals, but primarily from her own forces. The air smelt dry, sandy and dusty at that, although common for her current environment. However, they had to endure. They were only going to set up camp on their arrival at Gadgetzan, and it was still atleast a few hours away.

    ((I've scrapped my Ethereal idea, and I went for a Draenei one instead. I updated the thread regarding it. Lastly, I'm going to be gone for a few hours, so preferably, no one should meet me. ))

    ((Edit: Added that she'll be meeting more units at Gadgetzan. One ship seemed too small to house 200 Draenei. Also, these will be making their way via the Shimmering Flats, but I have no intention of controlling them till we meet at the goblin town.))
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    Sora and his command piloted their small fleet of 3 Sin'dorei warships into Lost Rigger cove, having spied a Kaldorei ship docked in Steamwheedle Port. The pirate presence being too drunk and unorganized to offer much resistance, they soon fell before the superior military strength of Sora's force. Most were put to the sword, but a small band of 12 pirates threw down their weapons and begged clemency. Sora's captains screened them and offered them the choice of a clean death or joining the attack on the troll city. Unanimously they agreed to join. At Sora's command, the parties warlocks soon had summoning portals active, bringing the things they had been unable to bring by boat, consisting of wagons with food and raw materials for the engineers, the mounts of the cavalry and last but not least, the drakes of Sora and his brother knights.

    Sora approached his longtime companion and trusted mount, Fireheart. The drake was skittish and a little disoriented from the portal. He soothed under Sora's touch and was soon tucking into a turtle caught at the waters edge.
    Sora looked to the skies, then to the map in his hand.
    We must make good time, I don't doubt the pyrite will have drawn others, I will need to find the place of best strategic advantage.
    Once he ascertained that the column was ready to move, he gave the signal. A couple of his brother knights with the fastest drakes would speed ahead to scout and find favourable ground. Stepping into Fireheart's saddle, he took to the sky to oversee the column from above.
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    At the far end of Morzath's camp, a dark portal knitting with energy opened. Walking slowly from it, a decently sized doomguard appeared. On its shoulder, a young Draenei was sitting, her name was Xana. Appearing in the long dark robe Morzath had given her so long ago, the smile on her face made her seem even more alluring. Around her neck, a purple piece of jewelery was hanging lightly. Inside, miniature figures of souls were floating around - if you got close enough, you could hear some of them screaming in agony. On her back, the Staff of Jordan was glowing with the same light a sunset would.
    The Doomguard let Xana walk out in its open hand, before it with a gentle gesture lowered her to the ground.
    "Greetings master. The connection between our lair and our camp has been made. We'll be able to travel freely between the two."
    Xana made a deep bow before Morzath, narrowly eyeing the Dragon flying in the distance.
    "It appears we'll be having.. competition. I've heard rumors of many souls interested in gathering the Pyrite"
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    "Very good. Once everything here is complete, we can bring our forces back to our main camp in the plaguelands, and we can begin our assualt on the Undercity."

    in response to her second point, Morzath said, "Yes, it seems we will be having a bit of competition. However, do not consider the blue dragons nor their dragonsworn enemies. We have made a truce. Apparently, their leader shares a very similar goal to mine."

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    "A truce with the Dragons? interesting." If the blue dragons were on their side, this war could really turn into her own personal favour. "You recon the blue flight is acting on its own in this, or wheter possible lines to other Dragonflights can be drawn to our forces?" Xana's eyes looked at Morzath with a clear sense of accomplishment. This was going to get good. Really good.

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    "In all likelyhood, other flights will ally themselves to us only when my empire is established. I find it logical to assume that only the blues will ally with us for the coming conflicts over the pyrite, Undercity, Stormwind, and Ironforge."

    Morzath summoned a decanter filled with chilled wine and a crystal goblet, and set them on a table next to his chair. Pouring out some of the scarlet liquid, he took a sip. Though dead, he could still taste the delicious, elven-made beverage.

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    Xana walked to the table, as the Doomguard behind her dispersed into thin air. Sitting down in front of him, she let out a lowly sigh.
    "You mind if I take a look at Steamwheedle? In all likelyhood, I'll be able to scout a bit" It was clear, sitting still here was dull for her. Though, her master's word was law, for the time being.

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    "Very well, go and scout. Make sure to be back before evening. We will be continuing our march to Zul'Farrak."

    With a flick of his wrist, he created a portal that lead to the outskirts of the port.

    "I trust you know where we are, right now, so I don't need to make a portal back for you."

    (("for the time being"? :P))

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    "BOSS! Looks like we went in a circle and ended up at our old camp!" One of the bruisers said as he went through the empty camp.

    "Get back to the rest of the men and tell them to meet me here."

    The bruiser ran back to the rest of the goblins and the small army was soon back on the trail to Zulfarrak.

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    Silas turned to his men. "Stay here." he whispered. He crouched down and blended in with the ground and slowly traveled to where the Dragon had landed with the Forsaken. He had learned this trick from his old rogue days. He was in a small ravine and could not see where the Blue Dragon had gone but his eyes could feel where the strong magic was coming from. Once he reached the camp, he heard something about an alliance between the two forces. This could become very interesting, he thought.[/I] I should be very wary of this force I see before me for they have gained a strong ally, and if at all possible, join them.
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    "Someone just appeared behind us, Aalena.", said one of the Grand Vindicators. "Very well.", she replied, "It would be best if our existence remains unknown. Get down.". Immediately, the Draenei members of her party lowered themselves, as the Grand Anchorite began muttering an incantation. A wave of holy light washed over the party, making them invisible to the outside world. It would not last long, but they would remain till the intruder moved away.

    "Let me know once this individual moves away.", she whispered to her compatriots, "We cannot delay much further. We're falling behind.".

    ((Got to go AFK for an hour or so, so I'll be under my invisible holy bubble. ))
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    The young Sorceress stepped out into Steamwheedle port. On the inside she was about to laugh heartily. As if she wouldn't be able to sense the pressence of so many soldiers, ships and equipment, due to a simple incantation? Yet, it was none of her concern. Theese wars would be over, and an empire would be built. An empire, only for the worthy. Scouting was none of her intentions.
    *I've gotta get moving, while the fuss is about..*
    Xana started whispering in Kalimag, before she opened a portal. Looking over her shoulder, Xana stepped through the portal.

    Entering a fridgid sandstorm, Xana stepped out of her portal outside the Caverns of Time. Hurrying inside the caverns, she was coughing slightly from all the sand. Turning to the Custodian of time, Xana said clearly. "Excuse me miss, I've heard tales of this place, and I wish to lend you and your flight my aid." Following the custodian, they slowly neared the portals together. "This is the opening of.." Xana nodded, as they slowly walked around the caverns.. *The culling of Stratholme? Timing and the time could hardly be better!* Xana thought for herself as her lips divided into a smile.

    Slowly Xana moved towards the currents of time, readying herself for a minor journey to the past.

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    A pair of Bronze Drakonoids barred the enterance to the currents. Carrying huge polearms, they slammed them down, barring her access.

    A deep voice rumbled behind her "Lesser Drakes may have seen through your words, but I can sense your intentions, little one. You would best leave the Well alone. It will bring you nothing but pain, at this time. We will not let you destroy the timeline..."

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    Arygos flew back to his camp, informing his troops of the newly formed alliance that he had created with Morzaths troops. None argued, they were all in agreement that it had been the best course of action, seeing as their intentions were noble.

    This said, they immediately began packing, having had a short breather, and started marching towards the encampment to the east....

    Arygos sent out a mental message to the dark sorcerer : "We are coming."

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    "INCOMING!!!!!!!!" Ryker yelled as arrow and javelins flew out from the dark cover of the mountains to their right.


    One goblins leg was impaled by a javelin

    "GET BEHIND COVER! FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!!" Ryker yelled to his men as they dodged the incoming hail of javelin and arrow points. The shredders rumbled past the hiding goblins and rammed into the trolls hiding spots wreaking bloody havoc.

    "CHARGE!!!!!" Ryker yelled as the sandfury trolls attempted to retreat. A few gunshots later and their attackers were finished.

    "Pile up the bodies and burn them, show the trolls we arent out for a picnic today... oh and somebody get that goblin fixed up we're gana need everyman."

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