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    "According to one of the warlocks, she went away to fetch some things. She can handle herself.

    In any case, you've made it just in time. We were about to create a portal to our new base of operations, Fenris Isle."

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    "Excellent. Lead the way.".

    ((I need to go for 20 or so minutes. You can control Velanaa if you so wish!))

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    ((start the new thread, I am feeling much eagerness))

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    "Very well. Lets go."

    With that, the sorcerors all positioned themselves in a semicircle around a circle of power, and began chanting. Soon, a large portal had been made. With a couple spells from Morzath, it was stabilized, and the sorcerors stepped away. Slowly, the plague engines and the caravans containing their equipment passed through. Then the engineers, and sorcerors. Last was the captains, Morzath, and Velanaa, leaving behind the desert and it's war-torn sands.

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